Large insurance company ensures compliance and 24/7 uptime with Genesys/Eleveo QMS

INTERAMERICAN is a leading insurance company in Greece, enjoying strong financial status, an over 40 year history and a reputation for reliability. It is a member of the EUREKO Group, a major European financial institution.



INTERAMERICAN offers a full range of products and services, covering the areas of life, health, pension as well as non-life insurance.

Always on the innovative side, INTERAMERICAN recently launched Anytime, the 1st direct insurance in Greece, offering auto insurance over the internet and the telephone. The development of Anytime business unit required increased technological support to successfully respond to customer demand.


This project has been initiated for INTERAMERICAN’s @nytime service, which is offered exclusively through internet or telephone requiring zero down-time. To fulfill compliance and liability recording needs and to bring the infrastructure up-to-date. INTERAMERICAN required a migration from their legacy (Nortel) PBX with a proprietary voice recording system to a more reliable & scalable solution.

INTERAMERICAN, together with Uni Systems have evaluated available solutions on the market. Because of past experience by Uni Systems, the tight integration of Genesys Quality Management (by Elevēo) with Genesys SIP server and the powerful options of using contact center platform data in the recording solution, INTERAMERICAN selected
Genesys Call Recording as their preferred solution.


"The fast implementation of our new Quality Management System with Genesys and Genesys Call recording has provided us with a reliable solution that supports effectively the ambitious requirements of the Anytime business development and complies to our present and future needs."

lliakopoulos Anastasios, Direct Business Manager



At this moment in time, the implemented solution is fully operational with zero downtime. All contact center interactions by the 41 agents are currently captured.

A testimonial of customer satisfaction can be found in the fact that within on week after going live and satisfied with the features and performance of the solution, INTERAMERICAN has placed a purchase order to increase the number of recorded seats with over 75%.

Genesys Quality Management - Multichannel Interaction Recording and Quality Management

Genesys Call Recording & Genesys SIP server replaces legacy INTERAMERICAN contact center platform and call recording solution.


Technical Architecture and Deployment

The recording method on Genesys SIP server is based on tracking the SIP signaling protocol. Call recording server captures the SIP signaling protocol and interprets information about running calls; the terminal addresses and captures the RTP streams. Through the T-Library, Call Recording integrates with the SIP T-Server to get data about agents, their interactions and attached data.

The complete recording system consists of many standalone modules with strictly defined roles in the process - from capturing signalization to offering recordings to users for monitoring, playback and storage. Recording module can work independently. Genesys Call Recording will be deployed as a single-server solution (all modulesEach are installed
on a single server) recording 29 agents.


Partnership with Uni Systems

Elevēo operates a 100% indirect Sales Channel and has worked together with Uni Systems and Genesys on this project. Uni Systems, founded in 1964 is a 100% subsidiary of Info-Quest, Greece’s largest IT company and is strategically focused in the Systems Integration
marketplace. Uni Systems has significant experience, unique knowhow, proven capability in
designing, implementing and supporting successfully ICT projects, covering a wide range
of Technology Solutions and Business Areas. The Company offers products and services for large enterprises in the Public, Financial, Telecommunications and Private sector and employs more than 550 people. In 2009 the company posted a consolidated sales of €97,33 million.

“The effortless collaboration with the skilled Elevēo Support & Services team has resulted in a very fast and successful implementation”

 Pretenteris Constantinos - Solutions Manager


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