AI Call Center

AI has emerged as the most transformational technology in the customer service sector today. Not only can call centers reduce operational costs and boost agent efficiency with AI, the technology yields actionable analytics and unprecedented insights, which, in turn, help the call center personalize the customer experience. Continue reading to learn how Eleveo expertly deploys AI in call centers.


What are the advantages of AI for the customer experience?

AI automates once-prohibitively complex, time-consuming computational activities, providing solutions in minutes or seconds instead of hours or days – and it performs those activities far better than human beings can.


Scheduling is a data-heavy, variable-driven exercise, and few, if any, commercial call centers can afford a dedicated scheduling staff with the expertise to effectively manage schedule creation. But, optimized schedules are key to maximizing the customer experience. Only with an optimized schedule can a call center ensure all customer inquiries are dealt with by the appropriate agent(s) on a consistent basis, and in a timely manner.


Why not streamline scheduling with AI? It's complex; why not simplify it?

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Predictive Routing

Since the 1990's, call centers have used skills-based routing - a way to match a customer profile with an agent who has the right skills, like product knowledge. AI takes this concept a step further today with predictive behavioral routing. AI call centers can match callers with customer profiles, which can route calls to agents who are most likely to be able to help.


AI Scheduling

Streamline the forecasting and scheduling process by eliminating unnecessary complexity. After defining your constraints, you can use Eleveo's Artificial Intelligence to create a schedule with the touch of a computer key.


AI Analytics

AI provides comprehensive statistics on call time, first call resolution, and much more. AI tools can now determine whether consumers are having pleasant or negative experiences. With Eleveo's artificial intelligence platform and analytics tools, transform raw data into valuable intelligence.


Emotional Intelligence AI

In order to analyze customer feelings, the use of emotional intelligence is vital for call centers. AI can be trained to recognize various languages and cultural idiosyncrasies. Eleveo's advanced speech analytics, transcription and emotion detection elevates businesses by measuring the quality of customer interactions, providing a basis for agent training and helping managers place agents where they can be most effective.

AI Call Center with Eleveo

Eleveo’s integrated suite of software tools enables thousands of companies worldwide to optimize their call centers. AI and Automation take optimization to a new level.

AI-Powered Auto Scheduling & Real-Time Adherence

Auto Quality Management with Speech Analytics

This powerful tool enables supervisors to evaluate 100% of contact center calls for compliance, customer satisfaction, agent training and legal protection. The ability to derive actionable insights from every customer/agent interaction helps supervisors proactively identify trending issues and evaluate processes and agent performance.


Each interaction is scored, based on critical manager-defined parameters, such as:


  • agent and customer emotion
  • keywords and phrases
  • interruptions
  • crosstalk and silence
  • call duration


Using those parameters and others, our automated tools provide managers with unprecedented insights into how effectively individual agents and the contact center as a whole are performing their core mission – delivering the best customer experience possible.


When an agent falls short, Eleveo Auto QM helps answer the question “Why?” in a systematic, data-driven way, opening the door to proactive problem resolution and effective agent training.

Elevate your CSAT by leveraging AI and automation.

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