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Workforce Management

Workforce Management


Workforce management ensures the right number of agents with the right skills are on hand at the right time in a call center, even if a call center leverages remote and distributed staffing strategies for the long-term. Keep reading to learn more how Elevéo can simplify and optimize workforce management for your call center.

Implement Workforce Management

A good call center workforce management solution should support your business to ensure a consistent customer experience, and it should meet your service level agreements (SLAs). This is about examining information and streamlining contact center operations from three perspectives.


  • Estimate your Staffing Needs

    Your historical data can help you predict agent workload. Is there a specific time of year (or day) when calls spike or dip? Identifying trends helps. If there are upcoming marketing campaigns, you might need to staff up your call center to keep up with customer service requests.

  • Real-time Response to Issues

    With outages, product recalls, severe weather, or press coverage, the ability to quickly resolve these issues is crucial. Contact centers with a workforce management tool like Elevéo can help you readily adjust and address unexpected increases in customer activity.

  • Schedule According to Customer Demand

    Call center schedules are determined by customers. Almost all of them expect to be able to contact customer service at any hour of the day. That’s why having the right number of qualified agents in place is key. With our workforce management software platform, your team can track real-time data to better understand if incoming customer requests exceed agent capacity.


Benefits of Workforce Management with Eleveo

Elevéo's workforce management software offers a significant improvement over outdated spreadsheet processes. Today's contact centers are challenged to do more with less, while improving results. To do so, they are searching for innovative ways to get the most out of their agents. By strengthening schedule optimization, engaging agents, streamlining agent workflows, and standardizing reporting, Elevéo's workforce management aligns the call center around these goals.


  • Customers Get the Fast Service They Expect

    No matter who answers the phone, customers expect good service. When they have to wait, it creates a poor customer experience. That’s why it’s vital to keep the right staffing levels at peak times. Quickly resolving an issue and having real-time support available 24/7 contributes to positive and impactful customer experiences.

  • Make Your Employees Happier

    Employees are usually happier when they aren't overworked,stressed or bored by inactivity. Elevéo's workforce management solutions can help. By mixing experienced agents with more junior workers, and by correctly managing their workload, they will feel more supported. Lower attrition rates contribute to lower hiring and training costs because employee productivity increases.

  • Use Historical Data to your Advantage

    Since remote work is increasingly popular, it's more important than ever to see a complete picture of demand and agent schedules. When you manage agent scheduling efficiently, you don't waste your budget on overstaffing. Elevéo's WFM software makes it easy to adjust agent schedules throughout the day to meet KPIs and service levels.


What Eleveo’s WFM can do for your Call Center


Some agents may be skeptical of workforce management software, feeling as if it is spying on them, so it is important to highlight the significant positive impact these tools can have on the employee experience . Indeed, using workforce management software can empower your entire support staff by predicting and planning for customer demand. Using Elevéo's WFM solutions benefits everyone, including agents. In terms of technical benefits, here are some of the advantages of workforce management software.


  • Automatic Tracking

    Keep track of time spent on tickets, chats, and phone calls. Less paperwork increases the time your agents can spend engaging with customers.

  • Complex Scheduling Made Easy

    Manage staffing across all channels and create complex intraday schedules. The system allows you to easily schedule chats, calls, and breaks.

  • Approve Requests More Easily

    Optimize your employees’ performance and automate your call center interaction. By using Elevéo’s workforce management, managers can execute and approve requests such as shift changes and time off requests.

  • Reporting Features

    The real benefit of data is visibility into emerging issues and challenges. Find out how agents are performing, ticket statuses, service levels, and how much time agents spend working.

  • Make Forecasting Easy

    You can become a real scheduling pro when you use our solutions to simplify contact center scheduling. Leveraging historical data, you can forecast your future demand and headcount needs. Identify and assess alternative solutions to significantly reduce over- and understaffing.


Eleveo’s WFM Solutions


With Eleveo's Workforce Management solution, forecasting and scheduling for multiple channels and skills can be streamlined. Our easy-to-use interface gathers historical data from your contact center platform to enable you to plan and forecast the number of agents you will require for a given time period as well as to see how different scenarios might affect the demand for agents. We make scheduling easy with our drag-and-drop interface that can be synchronized in real-time with agents' mobile calendars. When you effectively manage your workforce, you can maximize your most valuable resource: your employees. Are you ready to optimize your call center with Elevéo’s workforce management solutions? Then, try a free demo with us.