Contact Center Analytics

Deriving insights from data

Contact center analytics is the process of transforming big data into actionable insights. Analytics, populated with the right data, supported by purpose-built technology, and employed for a well-defined strategic purpose, is the key to accelerating raw data’s time-to-value and maximizing that value.

Data is everywhere, but if it's not fresh, accurate, and contextual, it could be junk data that slows down decision-making, provides false insights or muddies the water. There's never been a greater need in contact centers for end-to-end analytics tools that break down data silos, aggregate raw data, give it meaning and present it in a way that’s easy for decision-makers to digest.

Eleveo’s Key Contact Center Analytics

Speech Analytics

In face-to-face conversation, non-verbal signals can provide as much context as the words spoken. The contact center environment, though, robs the customer, agent and manager of any visual cues. They are, in effect, operating blind. Elevēo Speech Analytics eliminates the blind spots, using the nuances of speech and silence to provide insight into customer and agent attitudes, agent aptitude, process effectiveness and trending issues.

Predictive and Desktop Analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are transformational technologies that automate and streamline once-prohibitively complex, time-consuming big data analysis and provide access to actionable intelligence in minutes or seconds instead of days or weeks.

Eleveo has created a 360-degree workflow, an integrated analytics tool suite that analyzes raw data to uncover problems or potential issues requiring some action on your part. From there, the tool gives you visibility into the impact of your action, letting you know if it worked or not.

Users at each level of the organization - executives, managers, teams and agents – have visibility into KPIs and analyses appropriate to their role. Everyone in the contact center is granted role-based access to role-specific dashboards and intelligence that help them do their jobs better.

What Eleveo's Contact Center Analytics Can Do For Your Business


Omnichannel function

Eleveo's omnichannel software supports various platforms such as phones, social media, chatbots, email, Messenger apps, web forms, and posts. As a result, agents can access these channels from a single dashboard, enabling them to easily access insights. Taken as a whole, analytics provide comprehensive visibility into customer sentiment, regardless of their preferred channel.


Quantify Customer Experience

The challenge for any business is to peek behind the curtain and gain an understanding of customer sentiment. Eleveo's contact center analytics provides your business with the essential insights to improve every interaction and improve agent training, productivity and performance.


Improve Staff Proficiency

Eleveo's contact center analytics solution features access to a Knowledge Center, where agents can find resources for continuous improvement. The ability to review hours of customer interaction recordings and evaluate them in real-time is an invaluable asset for employee training.


Customized Encounter

With all these sets of data at your fingertips, you can anticipate what customers want by identifying pain points - even before the first contact. The process is straightforward, since the agent only has to access the dashboard to retrieve information on previous interactions and online search behavior.

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