Microsoft Teams Back Office Integration

The power of simplicity: A unified Eleveo/Microsoft Teams/CCaaS solution

Hoping to strengthen back-office compliance? Simplify your call recording solutions, improve compliance, quality management and the customer experience in your contact center and back office? 


Eleveo’s Microsoft Teams integration supports a unified approach, integrating our recording and quality management capabilities for the contact center with Microsoft Teams in the back office, and your CCaaS software of-choice.

Contact center and back-office options

Eleveo + Microsoft Teams + your CCaaS solution = A unified solution for recording, accessing and analyzing every interaction in the contact center and back-office.

If your sole focus is on back office compliance the Eleveo + Microsoft Teams integration still delivers. Organizations using Microsoft Teams as a communication platform for customer calls in the back office can record those calls using the Teams platform and store, manage, play back, and analyze them using the Eleveo suite.    

Eleveo + Microsoft Teams = Compliance recording capabilities for all your back-office interactions.

One dashboard for a seamless and reliable customer experience across multiple channels.

Decrease complexity and increase efficiency. No need to jump from screen to screen or learn multiple recording software solutions. Save time and money on training by using one unified system.


The integrated Eleveo +Microsoft Teams+CCaaS solution breaks down silos.

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Managers can access and analyze every interaction in the contact center and back office from a single dashboard.


Stakeholders don’t have to learn multiple recording and compliance systems.

Timely decisions, informed decision, better decisions.

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Siloed data is dead data, but if it’s accessible and analyzable using a unified, intuitive dashboard it transforms into actionable, decision-supporting intelligence. 

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Eleveo’s unified platform delivers unprecedented visibility into customer experience and individual customer interactions, generating critical insights into contact center and back office performance.

Compliance. Collaboration. Customer Experience.

Our Microsoft Teams contact center integration unifies Eleveo’s WFO capabilities, Microsoft Teams’ communications platform and a CCaaS solution.  Your back office and contact center gain a complete view of agent performance and how it impacts compliance and customer satisfaction.

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