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Call Center Workforce Optimization Software

Elevate Your Entire Contact Center Operation

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Today's contact centers are more complex and expensive to run than ever before. Elevēo offers simplified, yet robust, call center workforce optimization software, providing critical insights faster, enabling you to optimize forecasting, operational excellence & agent engagement. 

Primary Benefits:

Simplicity & Automation

Automated categorization, speech analytics, and interaction tagging proactively illuminate potential problems for you. 

Omni Channel Versatility
Omni Channel Versatility
Any channel, any data, any source rolled into a single workflow with our one of a kind conversation explorer.
Search Analytics
Search Analytics
Maximize your speed to critical data with search analytics. Dive into our conversation explorer and feel the difference.
Employee Optimization
Enable agents and improve skills, scheduling, schedule adherence, and forecasts.
Multi-Channel, Multi-Skill Scheduling and AI-Powered Auto Scheduling
Eliminate forecasting and scheduling complexities. Ask us about how we use AI to automate those efforts.
Targeted Insights

Transform raw data into actionable intelligence with our call center workforce optimization software's analytics tools.

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Exceptionally Effective Workforce Optimization

Conversation Explorer

Automatically categorize and sort omnichannel customer interactions. Our conversation explorer tool is a critical part of our call center optimization software. Search analytics streamlines your ability to find relevant interactions and review the customer journey.

With contact center-specific metrics, automated processes & search analytics, eleveo guides your contact center away from potential icebergs early.

Fully integrated interaction playback for all channel types in a single workflow with one-click template-based review scheduling.
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Contact center experts know that quality scores can vary, and sometimes only measure script adherence.  Eleveo allows for comparison of survey results from customers to quality reviews to qualify agent performance scores.


Simplified Forecasting and Scheduling

Multi-channel, multi-skill forecasting & scheduling simplified. A flexible and intuitive user experience reduces complexities associated with creating an optimized schedule. 

Our one of a kind drag and drop scheduling screen is the most user-friendly WFM scheduler on the market.  Save time & improve scheduling with eleveo WFM
Our proprietary forecasting engine guides your contact center towards optimal scheduling to meet your SLAs, and our schedule adherence features help guarantee coverage. 
Our online agent portal integrates agents to their schedule and includes email notifications for schedule changes.  Engage your agents like never before with eleveo WFM.
Agent Protal

Streamline, simplify and optimize. Elevēo's AI-powered auto scheduling tool makes creating an optimized schedule a one-touch exercise.

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Auto Scheduling

Relevant Analytics & Insights

You can't manage what you can't measure. Our solutions help you measure what matters, faster and easier.  Our analytics are designed by people who understand call center optimization software, and our analytics provide reports, dashboards and KPIs out of the box. 

Traditional performance analytics tools are slow to implement, difficult to integrate, and come with zero calculations out of the box.  Our solution breaks all those rules.
Performance Analytics
Finding patterns for customer experience is uniquely challenging in today's landscape. Our tools simplify transcription, identification, and the illumination of critical interactions, trends and customer sentiment.
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