Call Center Quality Assurance

Call Center Quality Assurance: A Virtuous Cycle of Interaction, Analysis and Feedback

Contact center agents are fielding more complex customer interactions than they ever have. Bots and other self-service technologies handle many routine customer issues, leaving the most challenging and time consuming for live agents. 

Eleveo Quality Management ensures agents and your contact center’s processes are equal to the task. Utilizing our call center quality assurance tools, managers and agents create a virtuous cycle of interaction, analysis and feedback.  

Successful call center quality assurance is a science. With the right tools, managers can correlate metrics, like Average Handling Time or CSAT, to call outcomes and then analyze those calls and outcomes – good or bad - for root causes. Conclusions from that process become the basis for agent training. 


The result?  


Increased visibility into the customer experience 


Actionable insights into customer sentiment and agent aptitude


A factual foundation for agent coaching sessions and quality assurance process improvement


Improved customer satisfaction 


Better qualified, more satisfied agents 


Enhanced compliance monitoring 

Key Eleveo QM Tools & Capabilities 

  • 100% voice recording (on-prem and cloud) 
  • Screen recording (on-prem) 
  • Live-screen monitoring (on-prem) 
  • Speech analytics/emotion detection 
  • Conversation Explorer - automatically categorizes and sorts omnichannel customer interactions to streamline reviews 
  • Voice-of-the-Customer post-interaction surveys 
  • Advanced search capabilities that let you locate recorded calls quickly and easily 
  • Hyperlink access to recordings, which allows access to the recordings right from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database for playback and review 
  • Configurable, graphical, drill-down reporting capabilities 
  • Role-based alerts/streamlined evaluation/scoring workflows 

"We need to be able to ensure our employees are sticking to the script and following their training in emergencies. It's an essential quality check to protect our organization and customers and a teaching resource for the supervisors responsible for those employees."  

– Contact Center Team Lead, major healthcare provider

Proactive Call Center Quality Assurance: It Doesn’t Get Easier Than Automated

Automated Quality Management and Speech Recognition – (Cloud Only)

Call Center Quality Assurance is largely about having control over every inbound or outgoing interaction. The degree of control a contact center has depends on how many interactions managers can review and analyze. Automation is key.


That’s why we developed our Automated Quality Management and Speech Recognition tools.

Eleveo Automated Quality Management prominent features:

  • Automated evaluation of all conversations 
  • Continuous Multilingual Transcription 
  • Captions
  • Full-text search on top of the transcription 
  • Speech phrases spotting 
  • Emotion and sentiment identified for all conversation participants and each utterance 
  • Acoustic parameters (such as crosstalk time, silence time, talking time, number of interruptions, etc.) 
  • Trend Analysis  
  • Real-Time Analytics  
  • Statistical Comparison  

Eleveo AQM is AI-Fueled:

  • ChatGPT-like Q&A Evaluations of each call using Natural Language Processing
  • Summarization - automatically creates call summaries
  • Highlights - spotlights significant points during a call
  • Flagging - alerts to churn risk, sentiment and more
  • Topic Detection - automates phrase categorization
  • AI Grading - grades each call on a 1-5 scale

Forget Manually Evaluating Calls

Eleveo Automated Quality Management evaluates 100% of your contact center calls for compliance, customer satisfaction, agent training and legal protection.  

It also provides plenty of data - the raw material of analytics. Managers can correlate customer experience-related metrics (like AHT or CSAT) to call outcomes and then analyze those results for root causes. For instance, does the agent have a product knowledge deficit, or is there a navigation issue within your organization’s knowledge base?  

Our automated quality tool with speech recognition is particularly valuable for organizations in highly regulated industries, from healthcare, finance and insurance to education and government. These industries are subject to regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, MiFID, CCPA, FCA CDC that protect customers’ privacy. 

Actionable Insights from Every Interaction  

Elevēo Automated Quality Management with Automatic Speech Recognition uses the nuances of speech and silence to provide insight into customer and agent attitudes, aptitude, process effectiveness and trending issues.

Every Interaction Counts

Contact center agents are front-line brand ambassadors and an inflection point in customer loyalty. Elevēo AQM helps contact center management refine processes and equip agents to handle every customer encounter with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

Using the Eleveo Speech Analytics tool, administrators have the ability to configure rules that automatically assign a score to agent and customer interactions based on the following attributes:  

  • Emotion (agent, customer) 
  • Speech phrases 
  • Number of interruptions 
  • Crosstalk 
  • Silence 
  • Handling time 
  • Tags 
  • Any external metadata (received from CCaaS platform) 

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