Webex Contact Center Integration

Moving to the cloud? Take Eleveo with you.

Eleveo’s Webex Contact Center integration delivers centralized control over forecasts and schedules and an ability to automatically capture, retrieve and manage every incoming and outgoing voice recording and screen interaction from the Webex Contact Center platform. 

With the integration of Webex Contact Center and Eleveo’s WFM, historical demand data and agent-related data from the platform will automatically populate our WFM database.

Eleveo Workforce Optimization for Webex Contact Center makes it easy to elevate compliance, quality, contact center efficiency and agent effectiveness.

quality management

• Compliance Recording
• Agent Evaluation
• Advanced Permissions


• Easy to read QM and
WFM Dashboard KPIs

• Improves decision making

• Granular roles for Data Access

workforce management

• Forecasting

• Scheduling

• Adherence

Eleveo tools and the Webex platform elevate customer satisfaction.

Eleveo's Cisco Webex Contact Center integration now includes Webex Contact Center User Synchronization and Single Sign On, as well as a more comprehensive integration between Eleveo's Workforce Management tool suite and Webex Contact Center. 

This integration automates the transfer of historical demand data and agent performance data from Webex Contact Center to Eleveo's Workforce Management Database and the corresponding Forecasting, Scheduling, and Schedule Adherence tools.

“Elevēo has been a Cisco SolutionsPlus vendor for over a decade, and deep integrations with all Cisco platforms continue to be fundamental to our business model. Our Webex Contact Center integration means contact centers can leverage the full breadth of Eleveo Workforce Management tools and capabilities in the cloud.”

- Brian Shore, CEO, Eleveo

Users can search and import all current users and contacts in your organization into the Eleveo platform, enabling them to more easily manage the customer and agent experience with our Quality Management and Analytics tools.

Eleveo and Cisco’s customer journey platform

Eleveo’s deep integration includes the following contact center optimization and compliance modules:

Workforce Management (WFM)

Job #1 for contact center managers is staffing, ensuring enough agents with the right skill sets are on-hand to process the call, email and chat volume at any given moment. That is no easy task, given the dynamic nature of demand throughout a day or week, and it gets even more complex with multi-skill agents. 

Eleveo’s Workforce Management solution is designed specifically for call centers and helps with forecasting and scheduling for multi-skilled agents across various channels. Eleveo WFM uses data collected by your contact center platform to make accurate predictions on the number of agents needed for a specific time period. It also includes a drag-and-drop interface that allows managers to easily adjust schedules and send updates to agents in real-time through their mobile device’s native calendar. Eleveo is both powerful and user-friendly, making it an effective tool for managing your call center workforce.

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Quality Management (QM)

Eleveo’s Quality Management Bundle encompasses a broad range of essential, easy-to-use and budget-friendly features that maximize the contact center’s value to customers and the business.

QM is largely about exercising control over thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of inbound or outgoing interactions - calls, emails and chats. 
This control is achieved through the review and analysis of metrics like Average Handling Time or CSAT, and the identification of root causes for both successful and unsuccessful outcomes. Only after this process is completed can agents be trained to improve their performance. It is both a scientific and artistic endeavor, requiring the ability to analyze and interpret data as well as identify patterns and trends.

Eleveo QM is designed to elevate the customer experience through automated and manual omnichannel contact reviews.

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Analytics helps turn data into valuable insights that can inform action. When supported by the right technology and used for a specific strategic purpose, analytics can speed up the process of extracting value from data and maximize that value.

However, many contact centers that prioritize customer service and satisfaction may not have the resources to hire business analysts and data warehouse specialists. This can result in untapped pools of raw data that are crucial for making optimal, timely decisions.

There is a vast amount of data available, however, if it is not current, precise, and relevant, it can be problematic and hinder effective decision-making. It is essential for contact centers to have end-to-end analytics tools that can integrate data from various sources, provide context and clarity, and present the information in a clear and digestible format for decision-makers.

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Expanded Webex Contact Center Integration

Webex Contact Center  User Sync and Single Sign-On

chatbox 2-1

Automatically imports Webex Contact Center  users to Eleveo's database as users are added, removed or as user data changes.

people 2-1

Minimizes manual intervention, errors and DB management costs.

videocam 2-1

Supports QM, WFM and analytics, streamlining and strengthening customer and agent experience management.

WFM Integration

file-tray-full 2

Automatically pulls historical data and agent status from Webex Contact Center to the Eleveo WFM database.

chatbubbles 2-1

Helps you capture and manage every incoming and outgoing interaction.

calendar-clear 2

Centralizes control over forecasting, scheduling and schedule adherence.

chatbox 4-1

Improves operational efficiencies and elevates customer experience.

More About Webex Contact Center

Webex Contact Center is a cloud contact center software solution.

Why move to the cloud? Here are some major drivers:

Budget Flexibility

Budget predictability and reduced infrastructure costs - In today's uncertain economic climate, contact centers are expected to do more with less. It is vital for leadership to maintain the services the contact center offers, while also prioritizing cost efficiency. A cloud deployment can help reduce infrastructure costs while still maintaining the high level of service required.

Staff Optimization

Faster and more frequent new-feature deployment – In keeping with the theme of doing more with less, cloud deployment can increase operational efficiency and free up time for IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Investment Protection

Agility/scalability - Businesses tend to seek to minimize risk, and a cloud deployment can offer the security of knowing that the investment in contact center software is current, scalable, and adaptable, as well as protected during times of unpredictability.

Security Assurance

Greater security and compliance capabilities – A strong cloud deployment can safeguard contact center uptime and customer privacy, which is essential for meeting the strict regulatory, industry, and legal compliance requirements.

Webex Contact Center delivers a highly scalable and fully customizable contact center platform out-of-the-box. Its User Interface is intuitive, streamlining access to built-in Webex collaboration and end-to-end experience management tools in a secure platform.

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