Media Capture

Eleveo Media Capture Tools: Access Every Interaction. Understand the Customer Experience. Ensure Compliance.

Customers expect companies and their contact centers to meet them where they are, and that means over multiple communication channels: Voice, Video and Chat (emails, live chats, social media). 

Eleveo’s suite of media capture tools record and store these customer interactions in an easily searchable format while also ensuring that the contact center is complying with regulations protecting customers’ private information. In turn, our tools protect the organization from legal liability. 

Eleveo’s multi-channel recording solution for contact centers and unified communications environments offers numerous features including: 


Intuitive web-based interface 


Advanced record organization, storage and archiving 


Sophisticated access control and record manipulation 


On-demand access to all recordings 

Protect Your Organization and Your Customers

Eleveo’s Media Capture tools are designed for organizations in highly regulated, compliance-heavy industries: 

  • Healthcare 
  • Finance 
  • Government 
  • Education 
  • Retail 

We help ensure contact center interactions adhere to regulatory requirements and compliance standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, MiFID, CCPA, FCA CDC. It doesn’t matter if your agents work on-site or from home. 

Automated Omni-Channel Recording

This tool collects and stores all customer interactions and transactions, whether they happen on the phone, in chats, or emails. It categorizes these interactions by type, source, and customer for easy searchability.  
Our recording tool includes call tagging capabilities and a tight integration with the contact center telephony platform.  

Auto Pause and Resume (APR)

Leveraging browser-based URL and application detection technology, this tool automatically pauses and resumes call and screen recordings at the point where the customer is providing information protected under GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other regulatory frameworks. Remove human error from critical compliance-related activities. 

Audit Protection

With Eleveo Media Capture tools, organizations maintain a record of all customer interactions, providing evidence in case of disputes or legal inquiries.


Eleveo provides detailed audit logs for every system action with simplified extracts for compliance reviews.

Live Monitoring

This tool allows call center managers to select and listen to calls in real time. Our Live-Screen Monitoring feature enables evaluators to monitor how agents navigate their computer screens during the customer interaction, adding useful real-time context to the evaluator’s understanding of the interaction.

Data Management

These tools include Media Lifecycle Management, Encryption, and User Management, which are critical to ensuring recordings are accessible and anonymized with no personally identifiable information.  
  • Audit Protection - no calls lost and every call accessible, regardless of how long they must be retained.  
  • Call Tagging - filter every call by agent, day, and time to quickly find and review any call.  

 "I have a vested interest in the uptime of our systems. Reliability and ease of use are among the most important attributes these call and screen recording tools can possess. Honestly, I've come to take the Elevēo solutions for granted because they're simple to manage, and they just keeping working. That may be the highest form of praise I can offer!" 


Network Administrator, Large California-based University Healthcare Provider 

Safeguard the Customer Experience

Eleveo Media Capture tools are also crucial for gaining insights into agent performance, customer behavior, customer attitudes and overall contact center operations.  

Voice, text and screen interactions captured by Eleveo and fueled by our analytics tools provide a wealth of data critical for agent training and improving customer satisfaction. By capturing and analyzing data from multiple channels, organizations can better understand customer needs and deliver a more personalized experience. 

Improve CSAT

Call and screen recordings are raw material for assessing customer satisfaction metrics and analyzing interactions for the root causes of customer dissatisfaction. They also allow managers to identify process inefficiencies, agent knowledge gaps and agent training.

Uncover Trends

Call and screen recordings can be analyzed to uncover trends, patterns, and actionable insights that can drive process improvements, enhance customer experiences, and optimize overall contact center operations.

Successful quality management doesn’t happen without Eleveo Media Capture at its foundation. Call and screen recordings are fundamental to understanding your customers, agents and the contact center itself.  

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