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"As soon as we started using Elevēo WFM, we identified shift coverage problems for specific periods of time where we were over or under scheduled. We fixed those periods by adjusting shifts on our new single schedule for both teams using the forecast data. “Eleveo WFM cut our time to build schedules in half."

David Mayerchin
Director of Support Services, Resource P.O.S

“The (eleveo)QM is a good tool for us to use to help with our team member's knowledge. We can see issues and things that they need to improve on, and we look at that through the QM process.”

Derrick Harper
Guest Services Manager at PCI Wind Creek

Case Studies:

Business person at front desk with workflow concept

Healthcare Case Studies

Elevēo provides a reliable, cost-effective solution that not only captures call recordings, with pause & resume functionality, but also stores them safely and inexpensively...

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Finance Case Study

“In our last project, which was to replace a dealers’ telephony system for a bank, we once again confirmed that Elevēo could fulfill the customer’s requirements ...

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WFM Case Study

Our lack of simplified forecast data made us slow to react, often taking two or three weeks to flesh out correct handle times, and after adjustments, we would suffer from bad hold times over certain time periods for weeks...

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Healthcare Success Story

Healthcare Case study

No industry is less tolerant of non-compliance than healthcare, particularly for organizations providing direct patient care. This case study highlights how a large hospital network utilizes Eleveo call and screen recording for compliance and customer satisfaction efforts across 18 business units.

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Eleveo WFO

Looking for a host anywhere, simplified WFO product that customers love?

Customer Experience

We call our solution revenue protection because it prevents attrition by engaginging customers and agents

Elevating Conversations

Today, it's all about knowing how your customers interact with your business and reacting to their needs over multiple channels.

White Papers:


Recording Announcement

Regulations require companies in certain industries alert customers that calls into a contact center or an individual employee outside of the contact center may be recorded. This paper discusses several ways to meet this requirement.

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How Adherence Can Go Awry

Schedule Adherence is a must-have tool for contact center managers, but there are right and wrong ways to roll it out.

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The Unemployment Gap

Why the difficulty finding low-wage hourly employees to fill available jobs? Is it a temporary condition or the new reality? What does it mean for contact centers?

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What is workforce management

There are six processes Workforce Management can help you improve your customer service operations – forecasting, planning, scheduling, operating, reporting, and performance analysis. This whitepaper is a highly readable, foundational introduction to all six, giving you a solid grasp of the fundamentals of using WFM successfully.

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PCI DSS Compliance & Call Recording

Compliance standards are ever-evolving, creating greater risk to revenue within contact centers as recordings of cardholder information are stored in quality management systems. This white paper outlines challenges and how Eleveo resolves them.

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Beyond Capture & Store: The Future of Compliance

Data Protection is the Single Greatest Risk to Your Company’s Viability Today – and the Rules of the Game are Changing

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Rehabilitating the Patient Experience with Technology

As legal and financial costs of dissatisfied patients rise, healthcare providers must leverage technology to better understand and influence the patient experience.

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