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Eleveo is a partner-centric company - 100% of our WFO solution sales flow through our partners. We don't compete with you. As an Eleveo partner, we trust you to provide our customers with technical support and services and to be our eyes and ears in the marketplace. In turn, we'll provide you with unparalleled technical, sales and marketing support. Eleveo doesn't succeed unless you do.

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Partner Benefits


Higher Margins

The more you sell, the greater your margins. The better trained your staff, the more you can earn with support and services. Contact us for details.


Corporate Incentive Program

Earn a rebate to spend on joint marketing campaigns, on participation in industry events, or on training your staff.


Sales Support

Sales Directors and Pre-sales Engineers are available for technical configuration and sales support whenever you need them. Just contact us.


Personal Incentive Programs

We’ve developed a flexible rewards and incentive program to help motivate your sales teams.


Marketing Support

Co-branded lead generation campaigns and ads, trade shows, social media campaigns, email campaigns, partner spotlights, customer case studies.


Partner Certification

Take advantage of our hands-on courses to gain complete knowledge of and expertise in our solutions.

Why Work With Eleveo?

Our Service Teams

Our exceptional global support team is available 24/7. We've maintained an NPS of 90+ for the past 5 years. For comparison, the industry average in the Technology/Software sector is 58.

Dedicated Regional Support


We have 24/7 regional support for our partners with fully trained staff covering most languages.

Our Solutions

Eleveo WFO tools are easy to deploy, use, manage and scale. We help customers simplify their contact center operations and optimize their people and processes. What's not to like?


Customers Love Eleveo

Our NPS score for the last 3 years averaged over 90.  That's not just exceptional, it's unheard of.

We Are 100% Channel Based

We don't compete with our partners; we complement them.


350+ Partners Wouldn't Lie

Our partners love Eleveo because we serve them like we do our customers, with everything we have. 

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Internetwork Engineering

This year, Internetwork Engineering (IE) celebrates 25 years as an integrated solutions partner.


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