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Job #1 for Contact Center Managers

Call centers aren’t assembly lines operating under predictable conditions. The demand for agents is dynamic, often fluctuating with customer demand and call volume, making it challenging to maintain operational efficiency or create accurate forecasts and schedules. That's where Eleveo Workforce Management software comes in. Eleveo WFM helps ensure the right number of agents with the right skills are in the right seats at the right time, even if your agents work remotely, enhancing both customer satisfaction and agent performance.

Why Implement Workforce Management?

An effective call center workforce management solution supports your business by ensuring a consistent, superior customer experience while keeping your agents happy, productive and meeting your service level agreements (SLAs).

Eleveo Workforce Management tools empower contact centers by enabling leadership to:

Benefits of Eleveo Workforce Management Solution

Today's business environment challenges contact centers to do more with less. Schedule optimization, employee engagement, streamlined agent workflows, and standardized reporting have never been more important. You need innovative technology tools to get the most from your limited resources.


Eleveo Workforce Management aligns a contact center's people and processes to achieve key customer, agent, and management objectives.


Delivering the Service Customers Expect

Metrics like Average Handling Time, First Call Resolution, Average Time in Queue - are key customer service KPIs for contact centers. Eleveo's WFM tools help in assigning agents effectively, ensuring enough agents with the right skill sets are on-hand to process the call, email and chat volume at any given moment and do it well.


Attracting and Retaining Productive, Satisfied Agents

How busy are agents throughout their shifts? Are they 100 percent occupied, going from one call to the next with no breaks in between or are they sitting idle waiting for the phone to ring? Occupancy is vital; is it too high or too low? Burnout or boredom — they influence employee satisfaction and retention.

Eleveo's workforce management solution helps manage agent workload, balancing call volumes with agent availability, thus increasing productivity and lowering attrition rates. This balance is crucial for maintaining employee engagement and professional services quality.


Freeing Managers to Focus on Value-Add Activities

With Eleveo’s intuitive, drag-and-drop forecasting and scheduling interface, managers will be free to devote time previously spent creating schedules to value-add activities like agent coaching, enhancing center operations and customer support quality.

Eleveo WFM Quick-Hit Feature Summary


  • Multichannel Forecasting
  • Forecasting Adjustments



  • Multi-Skill/Multi-Channel Scheduling
  • AI-Powered Auto Scheduling
  • Schedule Adherence (Standard and Real-Time)
  • Drag & Drop Scheduling
  • Copy/Clone/Paste Schedule Modification
  • Remote and On-Site Agent Scheduling
  • Agent Portal for Schedule View by Day, Week, Month
  • iCalendar Sync for Smartphone Schedule Access

WFM Made Easy - Eleveo Best-Practice Consulting

With Eleveo, your small business or large enterprise gains access to easy-to-use, intuitive tools for core contact center workforce management activities, like Forecasting, Scheduling, and Schedule Adherence. Our WFM solutions are designed to align with your workforce planning strategies, reducing operational costs and ensuring you have the right people in the right places at the moment they’re needed.

The solution itself, though, is only half of the equation. Maximizing Eleveo WFM’s value to your organization also requires careful planning, well-executed processes, and a firm set of procedures. That’s the mission of our WFM Best Practices Consulting Team. We’re advisors and partners dedicated to helping you align your entire organization – not just our solution – with your WFM objectives. You don't need a dedicated IT or data-science staff to deploy, use, manage and scale Eleveo WFM tools.

When you effectively manage your workforce, you can maximize your most valuable resource: your employees. Are you ready to optimize your call center with Eleveo’s workforce management solutions? Then, try a free demo with us.

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