Call Center Recording

Call Center Recording for Compliance

Eleveo's call center recording tool, including our Auto Pause and Resume feature, is essential for contact centers to comply with state, federal and industry regulations guarding the sensitive financial information of customers and, in the case of healthcare patients their health information. It also offers essential protections for organizations against the legal and financial risks of non-compliance.

Call Center Recording
for Quality Management 


From a quality management and customer experience perspective, Eleveo’s call recording tool helps call center leadership manage and monitor agent performance during every customer interaction. Every call  - and every screen – can be captured, archived and easily retrievable for audits and for management review.


Call center recordings are vital to quality management. At the call center management’s discretion, calls can be assessed by managers or QA analysts to make sure agents are doing what they need to manage call flows, connect with clients, offer cross-sells, etc.


Eleveo's call center recording software is well-suited for both inbound and outbound campaigns, offering businesses a comprehensive solution for managing all call center operations.


Recorded calls can also be used as a resource when coaching agents to improve upon their performance. These call center recordings can be some of the best tools for helping new agents learn essential skills.


Recordings can also be reviewed to evaluate the success of new offers and promotions, spot call drivers and trends, determine specific training review needs, etc.


Call recording software is an essential tool in managing a successful call center. As direct, factual records of customer experience, they can be very useful in refining and upgrading the quality of your customer service.

True Omni-Channel Recording

With Eleveo's omnichannel call center recording solution, it's easier than ever to monitor customer interactions - even in real-time - to pinpoint areas for agent improvement, highlight agent successes, and ensure compliance with government and industry requirements.

Capture audio and video calls, as well as emails, chats, text messages, along with agents' screen activity. The result is a detailed record of every client interaction — a valuable resource that you can use to enhance performance, provide special attention to interactions that need it, and help with new employee training.

With interactive voice response (IVR) technology integrated into Eleveo's call center solutions, businesses benefit from improved customer experiences, as callers are more likely to receive prompt, accurate, and helpful information.

“We migrated over a dozen divisions within the transfer center business unit to Eleveo, and we've not heard one group say they took a step backward in call recording. In fact, we hear positive comments about uptime and reliability, which was always a struggle. We don't do recording gaps here, and, with Eleveo, we don’t have them”


–  Contact Center Team Lead, major healthcare provider

Easily Manage Compliance

Data privacy and protection standards are necessary for securing one's personal data, but they can be difficult to understand and navigate, especially since they vary depending on geography and change all the time. That's why Eleveo's call center recording tool includes built-in features that help you gain control over your compliance, such as:

• Media life cycle management - So you can be sure your data archives meet compliance requirements.

• GDPR, PCI DSS, MiFID, HIPAA, FCA CDC, and CCPA compliance features, like Auto Pause and Resume, that let you anonymize, extract, and delete personal data with ease.

• Audit capabilities - Simplifies, streamlines and strengthens your response to comprehensive audits from outside entities. Eleveo takes data privacy seriously and has a comprehensive privacy policy in place to ensure that customer data is always protected.

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Auto Pause and Resume

In certain situations - when collecting a customer’s private financial or credit information, or a patient’s health information - call centers are required to avoid recording that portion of a call. 

Eleveo’s desktop toolbars are easily installed on agents' computers. Our desktop Auto Pause and Resume tool detects when certain applications and websites are being accessed, indicating that private information is being collected, and automatically pauses audio and screen recording until that portion of the call has ended. It then automatically resumes recording when the agent leaves those applications and websites. 


Easy to Scale

These days, scalability is increasingly important. If you're a small call center, you want an easy-to-use, yet robust call center recording solution that doesn’t require significant resources (budget, IT resources, staff resources) to run. If you're a larger contact center, you'll want to ensure that the same depth of features is applicable across a range of teams, departments, etc. 


Eleveo's call recording software provides businesses with a cost-effective way to manage and streamline call center operations. Regardless of your size, as your business grows Eleveo’s center recording system grows with you.

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