Call Center Speech Analytics

Eleveo Call Center Speech Analytics: Transforming Every Customer Interaction Into a Competitive Advantage

Elevēo Speech Analytics generates actionable quality management insights by examining the nuances of agent/customer phone interactions, including voice characteristics, silence, keyword or phrase usage, and conversational dynamics.

Regardless of your call center's size or the number of customer interactions your agents engage in daily you need to transform those interactions into decision-making intelligence. Eleveo Speech Analytics provides visibility into 100% of calls, enabling decision-makers to interpret attitudes, gauge agent aptitudes and expose processes and trending issues.


Protect Your Brand with Eleveo Speech Analytics

Contact center agents are front-line brand ambassadors and frequently the inflection point in customer loyalty. Research has shown that poor customer service experiences are likely to create negative word of mouth – a 65% likelihood. In short, every interaction counts – a lot.

With the help of advanced call center speech analytics technology, Elevēo ASA provides unprecedented insights into 100% of agent/customer interactions, helping contact center management to refine processes and equip agents to handle every customer encounter with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Configurable Rules

Managers can automatically assign a score to agent and customer interactions based on the following attributes:

  • Emotion (agent, customer)
  • Speech phrases
  • Number of interruptions
  • Crosstalk
  • Silence
  • Handling time
  • Tags
  • Any external metadata (received from CCaaS platform) Fuel analysis
  • Provides visibility into 100% of agent/customer interactions
  • Reaches deep into the QM process, impacting AHT, FCR, CSAT, Compliance, and more

Armed with unprecedented insights into every interaction, managers can refine processes and equip agents to resolve every customer encounter with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.



Eleveo Speech Analytics reaches deep into Quality Management, yielding insights that become the basis for:


Evaluating and training agents


Identifying compliance issues


Uncovering sources of customer dissatisfaction

Unprecedented Visibility Into Every Interaction

These Eleveo features will maximize the contact center’s value to the customer and the business:

Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition

for highly accurate speech-to-text capabilities and transcriptions, facilitating faster keyword or key phrase indexing and searching.

Emotion and Sentiment Identification

for all conversation participants and each utterance. Ability to monitor whether customer/agent emotions are improving or worsening during a call, providing insights into agent performance.

Customized Language Model

that measures the weight of words within their context Emotion Detection automatically reads customers’ emotions by examining variations in pitch or tone, interruptions, periods of silence and more.

Trend Analysis

focuses on the most-used words and phrases over time, uncovering trends and exposing customers’ top concerns.

Advanced Quality Management

automatically systematizes agent performance evaluations based on metrics, like script adherence and hold/silence duration. We also offer manual evaluation tools better for subjectively evaluating behaviors, like empathy and active listening.

Multilanguage Support

 is an important for organizations with a diverse or international customer base that are seeking to improve the customer experience and CSAT.

Comprehensive Reporting 

automatically generates reports on calling data (e.g., call counts by topic, trending queries, word analysis) daily, weekly or monthly. The feature emails these reports as XML files to relevant departments or the data can be posted to a dashboard. Some organizations may even choose to put data on a wallboard to enhance transparency.

Acoustic Parameters 

such as cross-talk time, silence time and talking time. Many organizations also find it important to monitor interruptions – finding trends in the number of times their agents interrupt customers during conversations.

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