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Call Center Speech Analytics

Call Center Speech Analytics


Whatever the size of your call center or the volume of interactions, the success of a contact center depends on quality management, facilitated by current data and robust analytics. Eleveo’s advanced speech analytics tools will help you optimize your call center performance.

Overview of Eleveo’s Call Center Speech Analytics Solutions

Eleveo speech analytics allows your call center to evaluate call content - even down to the emotions expressed by customers and agents on the call - thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Analytics capabilities aren’t just limited to calls, however. Eleveo’s solutions can also analyze chat, email, and video interactions, detecting tone, attitudes, and emotions by alerting to certain keywords and phrases. This uncovers invaluable insights that strengthen your quality control.

With our solutions, you can:

  • analyze voice recordings post-interaction;
  • perform live real-time speech analytics;
  • identify particular keywords and phrases;
  • detect emotions in voices during interactions.

Contact center speech analytics gives you clear visibility into what's going on in your contact center, improving your ability to provide positive customer experiences, identify sales opportunities and target necessary training to agents. While call center speech analytics does not replace your contact center's quality management procedures, advanced speech analytics is a powerful method of improving all-around service.


Benefits of Speech Analytics

Benefits of using call center speech analytics include:

  • Maintaining a complete view of your customers and agent interactions.
  • Effectively monitoring the call center with reliable and usable data.
  • Enforcing necessary actions and decisions based on concrete information.
  • Call center speech analytics allows team leaders to evaluate all interactions objectively.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of issues and ensuring coaching/training is tailored towards the right issues.
  • Improving practically every aspect of the quality management process.
  • Extracting insights and training on 100% of the calls.

Managers need to understand how their agents interact with customers every day. Call quality monitoring consists of analyzing the behavior of the agents in order to improve their performance and deliver better service. You can't base your action plan and training initiatives on a review of a limited number of random calls; rather, you should be relying on advanced speech analytics, which reviews every call and provides accurate and timely data.

Although AI and machine learning are advancing customer self-service and bot capabilities at an unprecedented rate, people often still prefer to speak with a human. One overriding benefits of contact center speech analytics is that it can detect essential components of a conversation, such as aggravation and impatience, adding a vital human element to calls.


Utilize Speech Analytics

Once you start using call center speech analytics, it will soon become clear that the amount of data collected can be overwhelming. The best way to utilize speech analytics is by tackling issues one at a time. For example, start by focusing on optimizing and improving agents' interaction performance and quality. Some simple ways to best utilize contact center speech analytics data are to:

  • evaluate the top reasons people contact your call center;
  • find what the most pressing needs for training and coaching;
  • see what agents are doing well and use this information to improve services and reward staff;
  • ensure that quality management procedures are being adhered to;
  • improve customer satisfaction ratings;
  • improve agent performance and productivity;
  • evaluate why customers are put on hold or transferred;
  • review interactions with high percentages of silence or pauses;
  • evaluate agent knowledge base and if training is required;
  • identify consistent and highest performers;
  • monitor average abandonment rate;
  • make sure that you have connected the best-suited agent to the caller;
  • monitor the amount of time agents spent on call center activity including talk time, hold time, and wrap up time.


Eleveo's advanced contact center speech analytics gives you a complete picture of all contact center interactions. It offers you the ability to ensure the highest standards in quality management, implement critical actions and decisions, improve staff training and coaching, schedule staff effectively, and make all decisions based on reliable data.



Call center speech analytics, sentiment analysis, and agent support tools make handling customer issues more efficient for agents and give managers the ability to ensure the highest level of quality.

With Eleveo’s contact center speech analytics, you get a complete view of your customers and agent interactions. You can then implement necessary actions and decisions based on solid data, not just anecdotal observations. To find out how Eleveo can help you optimize your call center's performance, visit our website and try our demo.