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Voice Platform

What is a Voice Platform?


A voice platform is a solution that integrates call center software with a native telephony system. Technically, it executes the logic and commands outlined in voice applications and activates speech processing technology.

The voice platform enables the development of innovations like Siri and Alexa, allowing users to perform their tasks virtually hands-free.

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How can a voice platform help a call center operation?

Using an interactive voice response (IVR) module and other chatbot tools gives agents unparalleled freedom to process calls and give callers what they need without using their hands. As a result, they can multitask to boost their productivity and increase the company’s bottom line.

For instance, an automatic call distributor (ACD) will help redistribute incoming calls to specific agents with the best tools to address the caller’s needs. The ACD is a crucial tool for any operation that handles many calls. In addition, you can also store long hours of conversations or automate the process of sending feedback forms to your customers.


What’s the difference between an IVR and an ACD?

Contact center operations do not enjoy the luxury of telling their callers they are busy even if they handle hundreds of daily calls. Meanwhile, a typical organization has several agents with required skills set to meet all customer needs. The ACD will route calls to a specific customer representative to process the ticket quickly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, an IVR is a more advanced platform because it collects data from tech callers, enabling you to gain insight into your customers. The self-service desk also allows customers to find solutions to their problems while minimizing human interaction. However, when they need a live agent for help, the ACD can route their calls to the proper customer representative.

The call center company may implement the ACD and IVR, but they are not mutually exclusive. Most organizations utilize both platforms to simplify and automate tasks.

Is a voice platform limited to automating repetitive tasks?

The voice platform is not limited to automating recurring tasks. For instance, Eleveo’s speech analytics technology has machine-learning capability that will prescribe solutions to complex challenges that a typical call center deals with daily. It will convert your telephony system into a powerful tool to properly equip your agents to deliver optimum customer experience. The self-service desks serve as a virtual extension of your call center agents, allowing you to help even more customers without overloading your staff.


Automation simplifies not just the lives of the agents but also their team leaders and supervisors. The voice platform allows the agent to multitask without sacrificing the quality of customer service they provide. Meanwhile, customers will be able to address their needs using voice technology. Since the IVR is entirely intuitive, they do not have to interact with a live agent if they use the automated self-service module. The technology allows callers to choose between inbound, outbound, or self-assisted desks to meet their objectives.

With the correct mechanism in place, your customers can use the self-service desk when they:

  • Book a flight or hotel, or check the status of their reservations.
  • Order products and schedule for delivery or pickup; they can also check the status of their orders.
  • Request promotional materials, product portfolios, and other contact forms.
  • Pay bills, transfer funds, and check their payment status.
  • Subscribe to a newsletter or email group.
  • Submit feedback on the company services.
  • Request a callback if the agent needs more time to process the request due to long queues.

Eleveo’s voice platform is completely scalable to grow with your contact center operations. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the technology as a service or subscription. TThe voice platform can also handle multi-site contact center operations and a large volume of calls.

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