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Workforce Management Call Center

What is a Workforce Management Call Center?

Workforce management
(WFM) software for call centers should ensure that the right number of agents with the right skills are in the right seats when they're needed. Optimizing your agent workforce is the key to maximizing effectiveness and efficiency without compromising the employee or customer experience. Don’t forget to learn more about WFM call centers and how Eleveo can help to maximize your call center operations.

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What is a Workforce Management Call Center?


Agents are at the heart of contact centers. They are front-line brand ambassadors. Because of this,businesses need to focus on attracting and retaining qualified agents and optimizing their agent resources. Workforce management software is the primary tool for maximizing the value your agents deliver to customers and your organization.. Eleveo’s Workforce Management solution for call centers simplifies and fortifies forecasting and scheduling across channels and for multi-skill agents. Powerful and easy-to-use, Eleveo WFM accesses historical data collected by your contact center platform, providing a fact-basis for predicting the number of agents needed for a given period and enabling managers to visualize the impact of different scenarios on agent demand. Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to adjust schedules and distribute any changes to agents in real-time through their mobile device’s native calendar.

Many commercial call centers have traditionally used spreadsheets for forecasting, scheduling, and intraday management, labor-intensive, static and largely inaccurate approach to workforce management. Advanced call center workforce management software has made these tasks more efficient, accurate, and flexible. Eleveo’s workforce management call center software allow managers and schedulers to create intelligent forecasts and schedules based on actionable intelligence and reliable data.

What is the Purpose of Workforce Management Software in a Call Center?

To grasp what workforce management means for a call center it's important to consider a few key benefits:



Workforce management software for a call center helps determine the optimal number of agents for given call volumes, ultimately lowering your hiring, training and payroll costs.


Resource requirements

Development of accurate forecasts, using workforce management software, allows call centers to predict call volumes and anticipate the resources needed.


Meeting Targets

Contact centers must meet service level objectives. With a workforce management software solution for call centers, supervisors can deploy resources and agents more efficiently. The solution can also enable call center managers to plan for unforeseen events, such as agent sick days and vacation days, and soaring call volumes during holidays.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

A properly managed workforce ensures that the right number of agents are available to handle high call volumes. As a result, wait times are shorter and the customer experience improves.s.

Eleveo’s Workforce Management software for call centers


Elevēo provides effective, simplified solutions for complex contact center problems. Our WFM tools are specifically designed to elevate commercial contact center operations and processes and are built using modern frameworks and cloud-native technologies that scale & move with your business.

Elevate your contact center’s performance by simplifying complex contact center operations, minimize service interruptions for clients, and provide scalable and secure software that can be hosted in any location.


Companies use workforce management strategies and technology to enhance employee productivity. The objective of workforce management in a call center is to make sure that the right number of agents with the right expertise are there at the right time for customers.