Call Center Scheduling

With Eleveo's call center forecasting and scheduling software, contact center schedulers access historical data to create optimal schedules that ensure the right number of agents with the right skill(s) are in the right seats at the right times. 


How Call Center Scheduling Impacts Customers and Agents

Balancing call volume and agent availability is one of the biggest issues impacting both customer and agent satisfaction. As they work to find that balance those responsible for scheduling have to factor in key constraints, among them:


Expected customer demand per channel (e.g., voice, chat, video)


Agent breaks, vacations, meetings, training and administrative activities


Agent skills

Eleveo's Forecasting tool assimilates historical data collected by your contact center platform and feeds it into our Scheduling tool, making the development of optimized schedules intuitive and easy. With our AI Powered Auto Scheduling tool you can do it in a single-keystroke!

Balanced workloads

Eleveo's forecasting tool leverages historical demand data to find the sweet spot between agent burnout and boredom. It finds the balance between having agents stressed from overwork or sitting idle for significant periods during their shift.

Shift planning

Eleveo's advanced scheduling capabilities prevent 'agent whiplash', a result of poorly planned shift schedules. Eleveo helps create balanced schedules that respect agent seniority.

Agent self-service

Eleveo's agent self-service tool provide agents with real-time visibility their schedules, which they can access remotely from their iOS and Android smartphones.

As part of the Eleveo call center scheduling, you can simulate and test multiple schedules that incorporate three of the most important factors determining what your ultimate schedule will look like: Forecasts, Break Optimization, and Channel Optimization.

The Eleveo scheduling engine allows you to specify the times for training and meetings as well, or it can automatically find the best time to schedule these events for you. In any case, the ability to set your scheduling priorities allows you to improve the agent experience while continuing to meet other organizational objectives, such as SLAs, and, at the same time, improve your agent experience.

AI: Call Center Scheduling Simplified

There's no doubt that when it comes to assimilating data and doing calculations, computers perform these operations faster and more precisely than humans ever could. AI automates previously complex and time-consuming activities, delivering solutions in minutes or seconds instead of hours or days. Few commercial contact centers can afford to have a dedicated scheduler who can assemble schedules in an effective manner.

Why not use Eleveo's AI-Powered Auto Scheduling tool to eliminate complexity and speed development of optimized agent schedules?

Maximum Value From Agent Resources

The engineers at Eleveo took an uncompromising approach when developing our Auto Scheduling application. Eleveo developed a proprietary AI platform, ELIS, which utilizes Google OR-Tools as the AI engine for constraint optimization in scheduling. Google OR-Tools won four gold medals at the 2021 MiniZinc Challenge, an international contest for constraint programming solutions.

Eleveo’s AI Auto-Scheduling tool considers the following constraints, as well as others, in shift templates and forecasts:


Durations and frequency of breaks;


Duration and frequency of working hours;


Vacation schedules

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Unplanned events, such as sick days


Demand forecasts


Channels (phone, chat, email)

With one keystroke, Eleveo Auto Scheduling will test thousands of permutations of data every second - and learning - until it finds the best possible schedule. By automating the scheduling process with Eleveo's AI-powered Auto Scheduling tool, you'll be able to dedicate the time you would ordinarily spend creating schedules to more value-added activities such as agent coaching. At the same time, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're extracting the maximum amount of value from your agents.

Real-Time Adherence: Know Now.

Real-Time Adherence is integral to every WFM tool. Eleveo Real-Time Adherence (RTA) allows contact center managers to track agents' real-time activity and ensure that they are staying on task.

If an agent is not adhering to the schedule, the manager receives real-time alerts and can take immediate corrective action before the non-adherence affects the contact center's SLA. With Eleveo RTA's push notifications, even if the supervisor isn't logged in to the WFM application they'll receive out-of-adherence alerts, freeing them to perform their other duties without missing an alert.

By using RTA, contact center managers can ensure that agents are working efficiently and meeting their schedule adherence targets, which ultimately leads to improved productivity and better customer service.

With Eleveo's suite of call center scheduling software, your business can simplify complexity, minimize service interruptions, and provide solutions that are user-friendly, secure, scalable, and hosted anywhere. Contact us now to try a free demo.

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