Call Center Metrics

Call Center Metrics That Matter

A call center’s core business is customer service and satisfaction. The vast majority simply can’t afford to have business analysts on staff to monitor every key KPI and alert decision-makers to successes, problems and trends related to each.


Eleveo’s tools give every user in the contact center access to the metrics that really matter to them.


What are Call Center Metrics?

KPIs and Call Center Metrics are statistics (e.g., averages, percentages, totals, etc.) that measure your call center's operations. Metrics provide invaluable insight into your organization’s efficiency and performance. The call center metrics most contact centers track pertain to the customer experience and the performance of their people and processes.

Measuring the Customer Experience

Customer experience metrics display customers' views of service interactions, products, and/or your company as a whole. They help you track your progress toward important business goals, such as improved retention rates, increased customer loyalty, and a higher average lifetime value of customers.


These metrics include Average Handling Time, First Call Resolution, Average Resolution Time, Customer Effort Score, Net Promoter Score and more. By allowing contact center managers to track these metrics across all channels Eleveo can help you optimize call center effectiveness.


Through Eleveo's analytics and robust quality management features - including our Auto Quality Management tool - supervisors can measure customer experience, agent performance and process effectiveness and subsequently formulate strategies to improve each.


CSAT is a numerical score that gives an indication of how satisfied a client is with an interaction, service, or product. CSAT scores are obtained after surveying customers to find out how they rate their experience. Highly versatile, this is one of the most commonly measured call center metrics. Increasingly, companies are measuring agent satisfaction as well, since satisfied agents translate into delighted customers. Eleveo’s solutions measure your customers' satisfaction with your brand and your services.


Net Promoter Score (NPS) is calculated by asking one question: “How likely are you to recommend our product or service to a friend? Contact centers and call centers now use NPS as a key metric. Eleveo's NPS scores have been 88 or higher for the past three years.

Measuring Performance

Operational efficiency metrics reveal how smoothly your contact center functions. Based on these call center metrics, you can identify how effectively it allocates resources and controls costs.

What AQM measures

Eleveo's Auto Quality Management (AQM) tool scores 100% of calls based on the metrics contact center leaders deem important. Those metrics include:

  • Emotion (agent, customer)
  • Speech phrases
  • Number of interruptions
  • Crosstalk
  • Silence
  • Handling time

AQM's features include:

  • Automated evaluation of all conversations
  • Continuous Multilingual Transcription
  • Captions
  • Full-text search on top of the transcription
  • Speech phrases spotting
  • Emotion and sentiment identified for all conversation 
  • participants and each utterance
  • Acoustic parameters (such as crosstalk time, silence
  • time, talking time, number of interruptions, etc.)
  • Trend Analysis
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Statistical Comparison

Unified Dashboard

Eleveo designers developed our analytics dashboard to provide users at every level of the contact center organization with an intuitive, at-a-glance presentation of all the data they need to do their jobs well. While agents, managers, team leads, schedulers, executive leadership may work from a common Eleveo dashboard, each individual's dashboard populates with data and KPIs exclusive to their area of responsibility. For example:


Will log in to the system, search for and play back their calls.


Will log in to the system, search for and play back the calls of people in his/her team to monitor for quality purposes or to investigate complaints.

QA Analyst

Will log on to the system, plan and conduct evaluations of agents’ work (calls, e-mails, chats) to ensure that their work falls within the organization’s quality requirements. Depending on the contact center, some quality analysts may also give the agents feedback directly.

QA Manager

Will log on to the system. Will plan and may conduct evaluations of agents’ work. They may also conduct calibrations and comparison exercises with results from post call IVR surveys. Will use reports extensively to identify training needs and verify that they have been met.

Data Protection Officer / It security Officer

Will log in to the system, search for and download or delete recorded calls on request to comply with GDPR. Will log in to system to download recordings for relevant authorities if required.

IT Administrator

Will run system to ensure that the calls covered by the appropriate laws are being automatically recorded, stored and archived in order to comply with law while minimizing the cost of legal compliance.

Dashboards speed analysis

Eleveo's common dashboard makes information sharing up and down the organization easier. By displaying data on each individual's dashboard based on their role within the organization Eleveo's streamlines analysis and decision-making.

Eleveo’s analytics capabilities create a 360-degree workflow solution for optimizing your business - a feedback loop consisting of metrics, feedback, training and performance.  Our integrated, automated, and visually intuitive analytics and dashboards do all the data mining and KPI calculations and present decision-makers with insights at-a-glance.


Eleveo strives to simplify complexity for contact centers, reduce interruptions, and provide cost-effective, user-friendly, scalable software that can be hosted anywhere. Learn more today by filling out the form.


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