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Call Center Metrics

Call Center Metrics


A call center’s core business is customer service and satisfaction, and the vast majority simply can’t afford to have business analysts on staff who monitor every key performance indicator (KPI) and alert decision-makers to successes, problems and trends related to each. So, which call center metrics are most important?

Keep reading to find out how Eleveo’s call center solutions can give you access to the call center metrics that really matter.

What are Call Center Metrics?

KPIs and Call Center Metrics are statistics (e.g., averages, percentages, totals, etc.) that measure your call center's operations. Metrics provide invaluable insight into your organization’s efficiency and performance. Which call center metrics should you be tracking? Here are two top customer experience metrics that every customer service leader should consider for their inbound call center and contact center.


Metrics for Measuring Customer Experience

Customer experience metrics display customers' views of service interactions, products, and/or your company as a whole. They help you track your progress toward important business goals, such as improved retention rates, increased customer loyalty, and a higher average lifetime value of customers. By tracking these metrics across all contact channels and throughout the customer journey, Eleveo ensures optimum effectiveness of your call center.

Through Eleveo's analytics and robust quality management features, supervisors, agents, and quality evaluators can measure customer experience in real-time and after every interaction. Monitoring the following omnichannel customer experience metrics helps you measure your progress toward providing effortless and personalized service.



CSAT is a numerical score that gives an indication of how satisfied a client is with an interaction, service, or product. CSAT scores are obtained after surveying customers to find out how they rate their experience. Highly versatile, this is one of the most commonly measured call center metrics. Increasingly, companies are measuring agent satisfaction as well, since satisfied agents translate into delighted customers. Eleveo’s solutions measure your customers' satisfaction with your brand and your services.


Net Promoter Score (NPS) is calculated by asking one question: “How likely are you to recommend our product or service to a friend? Contact centers and call centers now use NPS as a key metric. Eleveo's NPS scores have been 88 or higher for the past three years.


Call Center Metrics for Measuring Performance

Operational efficiency metrics reveal how smoothly your contact center functions. Based on these call center metrics, you can identify how effectively it allocates resources and controls costs. Agent performance can be accurately measured with Eleveo's quality management module. The evaluation module enables evaluators to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of a person or team in order to set and improve goals and measure progress.



First Call Resolution (FCR) determines the percentage of customer calls resolved without additional follow-up. In omnichannel operations, FCR can be used to compare multiple channels. FCR may be higher via web chat than via email, for example.


A service level agreement (SLA) tracks how successful the organization is in answering calls in a set number of seconds. Team members typically monitor SLA scores in the customer service software dashboard so they can make data-driven decisions in real-time.


Call Center Metrics with Eleveo

Eleveo’s analytics capabilities seek to create a 360-degree workflow solution for optimizing your business - a feedback loop consisting of metrics, feedback, training and performance. Its tool suite analyzes raw data to detect issues that may require intervention by the end user. What matters the most is that you trust what analytics tell you about your business operations. Our integrated, automated, and visually intuitive analytics and dashboards do all the data mining and KPI calculations and present decision-makers with insights at-a-glance.

Eleveo strives to simplify complexity for contact centers, reduce interruptions, and provide cost-effective, user-friendly, scalable software that can be hosted anywhere. Learn more today by filling out the form.