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Contact Center Compliance

The regulatory environment that protects customer/patient

information gets more stringent every day. Elevēo's compliance tools helps contact center leaders protect their customers' privacy and mitigate organizational risk.


Robust contact center compliance features protect your company from theft, litigation  and fines. Sleep well knowing Elevēo has you covered.

Primary Benefits:

Omni Channel Capture

Recording for Voice, Chat, Email, Text, Screens, video and radios. 


Remove, or anonymize details from data collected to ensure contact center compliance

Media Lifecycle Management

Archive datasets based on configurable rules and automatic categorization.

Auto Pause & Resume

APIs, Toolbars & Automated Rules pause and resume automatically, protecting PII or PCI information.

Live Monitoring

Supervise your teams voice interactions with customers in real-time.

Comprehensive Audit

Detailed audit logging for every system action with simplified extracts for contact center compliance reviews. 

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Manage Privacy, Avoid Fines, Theft & Penalties

Omni-Channel Interaction Capture

Your support, sales & back-office business transactions are critical. Protect your contact center compliance by storing everything in a single place with automated categorization  - by type, source, and customer - where any interaction can be easily reviewed.

We have been recording voice calls for decades. All over the world our solutions are trusted 

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Recording agents, back-office, or salespersons screens can prevent theft, maintain compliance, and prevent fines. 

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Video conversations are more common than ever before and require similar compliance requirements. Are you protecting your business?

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Allow supervisors to monitor agents in real-time as they answer calls. 
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Data Management Features

In todays contact center compliance landscape, the management of sensitive data captured is critical for protecting privacy and preventing theft or fraud.

Manage data archival by categories to meet multiple regulatory requirements

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Today's world requires the ability to anonymize personally identifiable information, extract it or delete it entirely  
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As part of compliance, a comprehensive audit capability is a critical component, but don't worry, we have you covered. 
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Auto Pause & Resume

The simplest way to ensure contact center compliance is to never capture PCI DSS or other sensitive data in the first place. Our solutions help you do just that in multiple ways from agent desktop toolbars to integrations like our EPIC APR product or external API connectors for contact center operational systems.

To assist our healthcare customers, we built an EPIC integration in the epic orchard that automatically pauses audio recording for epic users on sensitive data fields. 

We built a proprietary tool to assist with automatic pause and resume that can sense an application or website being accessed and auto-pause audio or screen recording 

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