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Commercial Call Center

What is a Commercial Call Center?


The term ‘call center’ is a generalized term. In truth, ‘call centers’ vary quite a bit. The center market is segmented based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the industry they operate in, their role (e.g., making outbound sales calls vs. taking inbound customer support calls) and their operating model (cloud vs on-premise). The contact center market is also segmented by size.

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What is a Commercial Call Center?


Call centers are also segmented by the number of agents or seats they have. Some call centers may employ thousands of agents, others only a handful. The term ‘Commercial Call Center’ refers to small and midsize organizations (less than 500 agents), as opposed to ‘Enterprise Call Centers’, which refer to operations with more than 500 agents.

Types of Commercial Call Centers


There are several kinds of commercial call centers. Let’s take a closer look at the three main types:


Outbound Commercial Call Centers

Outbound sales agents call the people who, for example, have filled out the 'Call Me Back' form on a website or left their contact information through the chat box. The customer engagement could relate to anything from a sales presentation to order placement or payment.


Inbound Commercial Call Center

A call center for inbound sales and support provides customers with answers and relevant information about purchasing and paying for a product or service. Companies also establish inbound commercial contact centers for the purpose of fielding customer inquiries and providing customer support, everything from answering product or service-related questions to providing in-depth technical support.


Virtual Commercial Call Centers

Virtual call center services primarily apply to global businesses working in multiple time zones, languages and branches. A virtual call center standardizes processes across all contact centers and channels.