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Inbound Call Center

What is an Inbound Call Center?


An inbound call center is a type of contact operation that handles incoming requests from customers. The ecosystem relies on close coordination between the agents, supervisors, and support teams to provide quality service. The success of an inbound call center is anchored on maximizing productivity from all employees and the organization’s ability to put them in the right positions to thrive.

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What Workforce Management features will work for your inbound call center?


A WFM solution will equip agents with the right tools to process voice calls, chats, and emails at the quickest possible time. You do not need to use multiple platforms for your operation as WFM helps you engage with customers across all channels. As a result, you can strengthen customer relationships by interacting with them through their preferred communication channels.


Here are some software features that can streamline your operations:


Omnichannel Capability

While calling the phone remains the preferred method to contact an agent, technology also enables the customer to pick multiple channels. Rather than open several apps, the omnichannel feature will allow the agent to engage with different customers using just one solution.



A Live Intelligence System is a company's proprietary technology that utilizes several AI models. The technology implemented for an inbound call center will hinge on the issues you want to address. The AI scopes hours and hours of audio to find patterns and tendencies. It will then provide agents with feedback during emotional shifts or any departure from established practices.


Drag and Drop Interface

Scheduling is no longer a chore with the drag-and-drop option. A drag and drop interface will also predict scenarios for scheduling conflicts or the potential increase in agent demand. The solution also equips a multi-skilled agent to handle multiple queues simultaneously without sacrificing the quality of the outcome.

How do you ensure that both supervisor and agent are on the same Wavelength?


Collaboration between team leaders and inbound call center agents is crucial to delivering quality customer experience. An intuitive interface will help supervisors acclimate the agents with their tasks more rapidly. They can also play back the previous interactions between agents and customers for easy feedback, evaluation, or monitoring of grievances. Team leaders can also monitor agent adherence to internal regulations and quality control. Finally, both supervisors and agents have access to eLearning materials to enhance their stock knowledge and allow them to elevate the customer experience. The rich resource of insights proves invaluable for your training sessions.

How can Eleveo help with your inbound call center operations?


Eleveo designed WFO and WFM solutions with the small inbound call center in mind. With its intuitive and data-driven software, agents can focus more on elevating every customer encounter to ensure that they walk away satisfied after putting the phone down. As a result, the agents are less likely to commit a mistake by simplifying the interface.

If you are not enhancing the customer experience while, at the same time, addressing their core problem, then you are bound to fail. Eleveo’s multichannel software is geared toward an inbound call center looking to scale operations without increasing its expenses exponentially. However, a large corporation will also benefit from its Omni-features, especially if your company is looking to maximize staffing efficiency, comply with regulations, and offer the best experience for your customers.



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