Eleveo as a Service is Here!

After months of planning and development work, we’re excited to launch Eleveo as a Service (EaaS)!

Why EaaS?

You're in the contact center business, not the IT business. A contact center's core responsibilities are compliance, workforce optimization, CSAT and revenue protection, not managing and administering the WFO solution environment.

EaaS frees you to run your contact center while we host our WFO solution. You’ll be able to direct more time, people and expertise toward your contact center’s core mission. By hosting our solution for you Eleveo will reduce your contact center's complexity and minimize service interruptions.


New Cloud-Only Deployment Model

✔  Many legacy deployments will not be fully compatible with the new Cloud Architecture, but we still support hybrid deployments for customers wishing to maintain their on-premise recording solution. In a hybrid setup, your recorders remain on-premise, but your media records are uploaded to the Eleveo Cloud for playback and review. 

New Features and Enhancements

✔ WFM Real-Time Adherence (RTA) – A dedicated module in EaaS visually indicates (in real-time) those agents who’re not adhering to their schedule. RTA data can be imported from UCCE/X (using CTI Events Importer - in hybrid deployments only) or from Webex Contact Center (thanks to the Webex Contact Center Integration). Push notifications are used to notify supervisors when agents are out of adherence.

✔ Screen Capture for Webex Contact Center – Capture, store and match screen recordings of an agents' desktop to call recordings captured by Cisco Webex Contact Center.

Platform and Security Updates

✔ ECI installation from a shared repository for easier installation and updates

✔ CIS Benchmark - the security audit covering system with internet access

✔ AWS Central Monitoring, application monitoring enhancements

For more details or to request a demo please reach out to your Eleveo Sales Director, email sales@eleveo.com

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