Call Center Automation

Call Center Automation

The call center industry has recently undergone significant and positive changes. Technological advances have made it possible to provide exceptional customer service via artificial intelligence, chatbots, voice recognition, voice biometrics, and cloud-based virtual call centers. Read on to learn more about Eleveo’s innovative call center automation solutions.


Automated Virtual Agents:

The Key to Your Call Center's Success


Restructuring a call center with virtual agents means determining which calls should be handled by computer assistance and which by humans. Making decisions based on complexity, urgency, and customer emotion can be a daunting task.

Without ample automation tools, call centers encounter challenges when processing customers’ requests. Using virtual agents who cannot empathize or find a unique solution to an emergency or complex situation will only frustrate a customer. However, with Eleveo's speech analytics feature, call centers can analyze calls to extract valuable insights through advanced capabilities like emotion detection. This functionality gives call centers the ability to assign human or virtual agents to a given customer based on their needs. For example, when a complex call is received, the system, using emotion detection, can identify urgent customer requests, intercept the call and route it to a human agent.

Identifying patterns in customer experience doesn’t have to be a challenge. Calls that are routine and repetitive, and that do not require the creative problem solving from humans, can be routed to your automated virtual agents. Where monotonous and repetitive tasks may be too tedious for human agents, call center automation can immediately assign these responsibilities to virtual agents. Not only does this solution create better experiences for customers, human agents can better devote their time to more complex requests.


Call Center Automation Enhances Your Agents' Productivity

Call center automation keeps employees engaged and challenged by channeling monotonous, redundant tasks and routine calls to bots.

Live agents can leverage their strengths and creativity to resolve complex issues requiring empathy and advanced problem solving. With Eleveo’s WFM, engage your agents like never before!


Automated Call Centers and How They Can Benefit Your Company

More than ever, customers and businesses communicate through call centers. From data-entry to end-to-end customer experience management across any channel at any time, automated call centers need to be consistent and sophisticated.

While automation will never fully replace humans in customer-facing interactions, it is invaluable for processing large volumes of data, leaving agents free to enhance the customer experience.

To learn more about how to establish a healthy balance between virtual and human agents via our automated call center solutions, contact us to learn more.