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Call Center Automation

Call Center Automation


The call center industry is evolving in the face of advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The doors are open to providing exceptional customer service via artificial intelligence-powered chatbots, voice recognition, voice biometrics, and cloud-based virtual call centers. Read on to learn more about Eleveo’s innovative call center automation solutions.


Automated Virtual Agents: The Key to Your Call Center's Success


Introducing virtual agents into a call center's operations requires leadership to make some determinations about where the line should be drawn between customer interactions that can best be handled by computers and which should be handled by human agents. Those determinations should be based largely on complexity, urgency, and customer emotion.

It's essential to keep in mind that even as the fascination with AI and its benefits grows, uniquely human qualities, like empathy and flexibility, will never be obsolete. Where automation’s strengths end, human-to-human relations begin.

Factors that most impact your contact center's long-term success - agent satisfaction, productivity, effectiveness, and retention – hinge less on technology's efficiency than your people-management style. The best-managed contact centers will find the proper balance between AI’s analytical capacity and individual judgment.

We must attach as much value to old-school social and leadership dynamics as automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. If we don’t, we will be missing something fundamental.

That said, when it comes to assimilating data and performing calculations, computers are smarter and faster than humans. AI automates once-prohibitively complex, time-consuming activities, providing solutions in minutes or seconds instead of hours or days.

Customers want a speedy, professional first-contact experience that ends with all questions and issues resolved. Bots are now widely accepted as a practical tool for streamlining customer interactions in their initial stages (e.g., greeting the customer, collecting background information). They’re also highly capable of processing simple transactions. In many instances, a chatbot’s assistance is all a customer needs to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

It’s when interactions move beyond customer service basics that uniquely human traits, like judgment, problem-solving, motivation, creativity, and empathy – in short, emotional intelligence – become necessary. Face it; there’s a reason some customers eventually press ‘0’ to talk to an agent.

Bottom line, where monotonous and repetitive tasks may be too tedious for human agents, call center automation can immediately assign these responsibilities to virtual agents. Not only does this solution create better experiences for customers, human agents can better devote their time to more complex requests.



Call Center Automation Enhances Your Agents' Productivity

Call center automation keeps employees engaged and challenged by channeling monotonous, redundant tasks and routine calls to bots.

Live agents can leverage their strengths and creativity to resolve complex issues requiring empathy and advanced problem solving. With Eleveo’s WFM, engage your agents like never before!


Tools for an Automated Call Center


Eleveo's AI-Powered Auto Scheduling

Scheduling is time-consuming; why not streamline it by exploiting AI for creating agent schedules? It's complex; why not simplify it? A schedule created manually is inevitably sub-optimal; why not optimize it?

Scheduling is a data-heavy, variable-driven exercise, and few, if any, commercial contact centers can afford a dedicated scheduling staff with the expertise to effectively manage schedule creation. But, you still need optimized schedules, just as much as your enterprise-sized counterparts do.

With Eleveo’s AI-powered Auto Scheduling tool, you’ll be free to devote time previously spent creating schedules to value-add activities, like agent coaching and other quality improvements. All the while, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’re extracting maximum value from your agent resources – and you’ll do it all with a single keystroke.


Eleveo's speech analytics

Managers of small contact centers may believe that, with direct feedback from agents or a review of a small sample of calls, they have their fingers on the pulse of QM. Frankly, that’s not true. Managers can’t manually collect and analyze a large enough sample of agent/customer interactions to gain a thorough, nuanced understanding of contact center performance, and relying on agent feedback and anecdotes is no way to reliably recognize patterns within the noise and proactively resolve emerging issues. The fact is, any manual QM effort is as labor-intensive as it is deficient.


Advanced and automated speech analytics is a transformational technology for contact centers. Without getting into the technical weeds, it’s enough to understand that it uses standard data process algorithms to transform the nuances of speech and silence into a reservoir of intelligence about customer attitudes, agent aptitude, process effectiveness and trending issues. It does the same for chat and email interactions, still detecting attitudes and emotions through keywords and phrases


To learn more about how to establish a healthy balance between virtual and human agents in contact centers, and about other automation tools you can leverage, contact us.