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Call Center Integration

Call Center Integration


Call center Integration is key to maximizing the business value you extract from your IT and business application investments and the control you have over people, processes and performance.


Many organizations never come close to fully utilizing the capabilities of their software assets. That statement applies to the Workforce Optimization (WFO) software in their call center and any other category of software they’re using across the enterprise. In the case of WFO, you’re barely scratching the surface if its use is limited to taking and disconnecting calls, selling products, processing tickets, or accepting payments.

Call Center integration is key. Eleveo includes integrated features that help organizations extract maximum value from their WFO investment. Here are a few:


  • Artificial IntelligenceEleveo’s proprietary AI platform, called ELIS (Eleveo Live Intelligence System) supports several AI engines, one being an auto-scheduling engine that assimilates vast volumes of data and a complex set of constraints as it calculates optimal agent schedules. Constraint programming balances an array of variables (e.g., agent skills, demand by channel, shift durations, break frequencies) to arrive at the best possible schedule.
  • Customer insights — Eleveo's Speech Analytics feature helps managers and agents understand the nuances of keyword/phrase usage, tone of voice and even silence during a customer interaction, providing insight into customer attitude, agent aptitude and emerging trends. The business intelligence gathered from thousands of hours of conversations can be used as the basis agent training and process improvement.
  • Remote Work — Covid certainly raised questions about how best to connect with and manage an agent staff largely working from home. Agents generally prefer to work from home. In fact, according to a recent ICMI benchmark study on agent experience, work-from-home contact center agents are 57% more likely to recommend their employer than those working out of a physical call center, and retention rates for work-from-home agents are 80% better.
    Eleveo’s WFO software is designed to be agile, adept at keeping both remote and on-site agents engaged and performing well.
  • Caller feedback — Another feature of Eleveo's software is the "Voice of the Customer," a feedback mechanism that enables a call center to evaluate performance by benchmarking their individual experiences with industry or company standards. Third-party metadata will further enhance insights into customer searches. Gain an understanding of your target market like never before! As a result, you can develop bespoke services or products that increase satisfaction among your customers.


Grow Your Business with the Right Solution for Call Center Integration


Eleveo is central to our customers’ call center integration efforts. We provides effective, simplified solutions for complex contact center problems. Our WFM and WFO tools are specifically designed to elevate commercial contact center operations and processes and are built using modern frameworks and cloud-native technologies that scale & move with your business.