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Call Center Reporting

Call Center Reporting


Call center reporting can boost customer satisfaction and performance. Understanding contact center reporting will help your call center identify continuous improvement opportunities. Read on to learn more about the different reports call centers can use to elevate their operations.

How Does Call Center Reporting Work?

You can only manage what you measure. Eleveo's solutions uncover what really matters - faster and easier. You won’t need to hire additional internal IT personnel or data scientists to leverage. Eleveo's analytics and reporting solutions. Eleveo developers are expert int call center workforce optimizations, and our software platform provides dynamic reports, dashboards, and KPIs to accelerate and boost your business’ operations.

Call center reporting refers to the process by which managers measure the performance and efficiency of their call centers. Through monitoring, several critical key performance indicators (KPIs) are derived from a multitude of data streams to achieve Workforce Management, Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction objectives. After your KPIs have been gathered, these points can be organized and compartmentalized into categories, enabling you to make actionable decisions for your business.

Call centers use reporting tools designed to collect and aggregatedata out of their call centers. Managers and supervisors use these reports to analyze their call center's performance and implement strategies to strengthen operations. As well as providing insight into customer satisfaction and loyalty, these reports also show how likely customers will continue to use a company's products and/or services.


Types of Call Center Reports

To analyze call center performance, managers can create many types of reports. Here are a few examples:


First Contact Resolution

This report reveals how many customers had their concerns resolved after their first call. How quickly agents can resolve customers’ concerns without escalating them is an indicator of customer satisfaction. Call center reports can also classify online chats as FCR if the issue is resolved before the chat ends.


Agent Occupancy

This is the time call center agents are available for customer interactions. By subtracting the agent's scheduled hours from their total availability, you obtain this percentage, accounting for meals, meetings, training, and other non-customer-facing activities.


Call Details

This report describes each call. It’s useful for identifying trends (e.g., identify repeat callers and resolve disputes).


Customer Effort Score

Customer satisfaction is measured through this call center reporting. It is based on customer ratings, so business leaders can use this data to influence their decisions. It can also be used by companies to improve their products and services and increase customer loyalty.


Forecast Accuracy

Forecasted call amounts are compared to the actual calls received. Percentages can be extracted to schedule and staff the call center efficiently.



This score measures customer loyalty. Customer surveys are sent via email and phone calls, asking about customers' willingness to recommend their products and services. Call centers can use this to assess their customer service and reinforce their brand. The higher the NPS, the more loyal customers are.


Quality Score

Agent performance is measured with this metric. This report can be used by companies to improve training and mentoring programs. It can be used to help agents identify areas for improvement and show how they handle their current workload.


Simple Call Center Reporting with Eleveo

Many contact centers can’t afford business analysts and data warehouse specialists to tap into reservoirs of unrefined data that are critical to facilitating optimal and timely decisions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have now become automated tools for integrating once previously manual, time-consuming processes of big data analysis. Through these technologies, call center reporting provides actionable intelligence in minutes or seconds instead of days or weeks.

Eleveo's integrated call center analytics and reporting solution creates a seamless 360-degree experience for contact centers. Providing a range of tools to analyze raw data , Eleveo’s reporting solutions can help you envision the impact of your actions,detect potential issues and identify trends.. Protect your company by recording all customer/agent interactions. With data management solutions that meet privacy and regulatory requirements, Eleveo’s solutions help you comply with regulations like PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and others - while elevating your contact center's performance.

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