144Notruf trusts Elevēo to record millions of emergency dispatch calls annually

144 Notruf NO is an emergency coordination center for the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service, the medical association of Lower Austria, Austrian Water Life Saving Service and the “Johanniter” EMS.

The main responsibilities of Notruf 144 are Call Acceptance and Evaluation using the Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System and the real-time management of all necessary emergency measures (incident supervision). Notruf also provides follow-up services for every case handled.



Notruf 144 provides these services for:

  • Emergency Medical Service (Basic and Advanced Life Support) including Helicopter dispatch
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Social- and Health Services
  • Non-Emergency Transportation Services and Retiree Call Services
  • Interposition of local physicians
  • Hotline installation and provisioning
  • Information providing and management of blood-donations-services, first-aid courses and other public services.

Notruf operates 24-7 and requires the highest levels of availability and reliability for their operational infrastructure.


 “Notruf NO, the emergency dispatch center of Lower Austria, is happy with the reliable and feature-rich recording solution provided by Elevēo and can now rely on both the Elevēo product and Elevēo support to record over 2 million calls (including 300.000 emergency calls) per year”

Alexander Hopfgartner
144 Notruf NO
Chief Technician


Notruf 144 initiated a project to bring their services and infrastructure up to the next level by upgrading their Cisco infrastructure and replacing their existing recording solution. 

(Dictavoice) with a more functional, better integrated and more reliable solution to fulfill their strict requirements. 

After an evaluation of available solutions and a trial period, Elevēo CallREC was selected as the solution to be implemented.


To date Elevēo QM Suite with Elevēo CallREC is fully operational and records Notruf’s critical customer interactions.

The upgraded infrastructure with Cisco and Elevēo Call Recording has proven itself under the most demanding and critical conditions.


Technical Solution Overview

Elevēo CallREC has been deployed as a fully redundant solution hosted centrally but accessible from 3 sites. Two CallREC servers provide independent recording and call monitoring while recorded media are mirrored between them so recordings are available in case of a hardware failure of one of the servers.

All recorded calls provide customer and agent extension number, agent name, service identification, skill group identification and wrapup data via the integration with Cisco Call Manager.


Partnership with Sonorys Technology GmbH

Elevēo solutions are delivered to the market via our valueadded partner network. The Notruf 144 project has been delivered together with Sonorys Technology GmbH. Sonorys is the exclusive value added reseller and distributor of all Elevēo’s Quality Management and Recording solutions in Austria.

Sonorys develops and integrates tailored Contact Center solutions based on Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Express. By extending its portfolio with Cisco Unified Communications and Elevēo QM Solutions, Sonorys has responded to the strong demanding market needs on turnkey recording solutions.


“The extensive knowledge of the Elevēo engineering team and the level of support provided by Elevēo form the basis of our successful partnership and customer implementations”

Alexander Marschall
Sonorys Technology GmbH
Sales Consultant


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