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Call Center Quality Monitoring Scorecard

What is a Call Center Quality Monitoring Scorecard?

A call center quality monitoring scorecard is a checklist that helps you analyze the quality of service that your agents are providing. Helping to ensure a positive customer experience, a call center quality monitoring scorecard utilizes a predetermined set of guidelines to rate and evaluate call center agents’ interactions with customers. These scorecards can be used to determine how well your agents are performing on phone calls, emails, chats, or across any channel of communication.


The objective of a call center quality monitoring scorecard is to ensure that businesses can monitor and track the work of call center agents. These scorecards are used to evaluate employees on an ongoing basis and serve as a guideline for creating future strategies aimed at improving agent performance. Depending on your call center’s standards, you can adjust the metrics measured to ensure that you are reaching important organizational goals.

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What is Measured in a Quality Monitoring Scorecard?

A call center quality monitoring scorecard can be used to measure a number of metrics. Because a scorecard can be tailored for a call center’s specific needs, what is measured should be based upon specific company requirements and goals. As a good place to begin, the following are all common measurements used when rating the service an agent provides.



Speed of service is critical when it comes to meeting customer expectations. By measuring responsiveness, you can gain insights into not only individual agent metrics, but you can also begin to see important trends emerge.


Key Company Requirements

Your call center has key requirements that agents should be adhering to throughout every customer interaction. By customizing your call center quality monitoring scorecard, you can ensure that company guidelines are being met.


Ability to Resolve

Customers want to walk away from an interaction with your call center with their problems solved. Measuring whether or not agents can resolve customer issues will help ensure long-term customer happiness and loyalty.


Overall Attitude

From tone of voice to the way a customer is greeted by your agents, you can use your scorecard to ensure that your agents are treating customers with a friendly, positive attitude.



What are the Benefits of a Call Center Quality Monitoring Scorecard?

Quality monitoring scorecards are a valuable tool for improving the quality of service your center provides. Through the use of these scorecards, you can take advantage of the following key benefits: 


Pinpoint Important Trends

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. By monitoring call center-specific metrics, you can pinpoint critical trends early. This can help you navigate away from potential pitfalls and can help preemptively improve your center’s quality of service. 

Find Coaching & Training Opportunities

When you notice that specific requirements are not being met or that a poor customer experience is being provided, you can use this data to discover where you should provide further agent training or individual coaching. 


Reward Top Performers

Through the use of scorecards, you can begin to see who your best agents are. This allows you to recognize and reward talented agents accordingly, boosting overall morale and encouraging others to want to reach the same performance levels.


How can Eleveo’s Solutions Help with Quality Management?

Eleveo aids companies by providing global and award-winning call center quality monitoring and management solutions. Eleveo’s tools simplify the complexity of contact centers issues while offering valuable insights into agent performance.



Our solutions help you measure the metrics you care about quickly and without the need of engaging IT teams or data scientists. Our built-in analytics tools are designed by people who understand the industry and have pinpointed what metrics are critical to a call center's long-term success.



Understanding trends in the customer experience across channels can be challenging. Our tools simplify transcription, identification, and critical interaction data, allowing quality monitoring to happen seamlessly.


Take Action

Data is meaningless without action. Our platform is designed to make it easy to transform data into actionable insights, allowing you to put what you learn to good use.


A scorecard in a call center is a measurement tool that is utilized to analyze the service agents are providing. A quality monitoring scorecard can be customized to include any necessary parameters for evaluating agent performance.

Call center quality is measured by reviewing customer and agent interactions. Based upon a predetermined set of requirements, an agent’s performance will be ranked and rated.

Call center quality monitoring involves activities aimed at ensuring that agents are providing the highest quality of service. Through monitoring, analyzing, and training, quality of calls can be continually improved and optimized.