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Call Center Quality Monitoring

Call Center Quality Monitoring


Managing a successful and profitable contact center requires maintaining an effective quality assurance program. Your callers need to receive top-notch service to resolve their issues, and your agent workflows need to operate smoothly and efficiently. Eleveo offers Call Center Quality Monitoring solutions that are designed to increase revenue and decrease costs by improving your agent and customer engagement while simplifying contact center optimization.


Benefits of Contact Center Quality Monitoring


Improve Customer Service

Quality Monitoring programs can directly improve customer satisfaction scores, reduce callbacks, and save time and money through improved employee performance.


Maximize Employee Effectiveness

Call Center Quality Monitoring programs can boost the quality of every customer interaction and help your employees achieve their highest potential.


Identify Issues Before They Become Big Problems

Quality Assurance initiatives proactively seek out problems before they escalate. Ongoing analysis of customer contacts can identify ineffective agents, defective products and underwhelming scripts before these mistakes damage your performance metrics.


Reduce Employee Turnover

Effective employee engagement recognizes success while addressing failures in a supportive and productive manner. Agents who receive ongoing training report higher job satisfaction and are more likely to stay in their position longer.


Optimize Schedules by Monitoring Workflows

Contact Quality Monitoring allows you to be attentive to agent workflows, analyzing metrics that affect call rates and agent productivity.


Call Center Quality Monitoring Best Practices

The best call center call monitoring programs follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Capture & Categorize
    In any call center operation, monitoring the quality of every customer contact is a complex task. Eleveo’s solutions record contact data across multiple channels and then automatically categorize and tag it according to your unique call center’s KPI metrics.

  2. Analyze & Evaluate
    All that data is useless if it doesn’t enable you to find what you’re looking for and identify issues early. Eleveo’s Conversation Explorer will allow you to easily review the customer journey using automated processes & search analytics, helping you stay on top of trends as they emerge.

Finding the Right Software Solution

There are a variety of Contact Center Quality Assurance software solutions available on the market today, and the choice can seem overwhelming. Start with these simple tools to evaluate whether the software management solution you are exploring is appropriate for your operation.


Ease of Use

The best Call Center Quality Monitoring software will offer an intuitive user experience that is easy to implement and requires minimal training. Eleveo features a visually enhanced user Interface that is easy to deploy and manage, with out-of-the-box dashboards and reports that accelerate the system’s time-to-value.


Appropriate Analytics

Before you invest in a quality monitoring software solution, you need to make sure it will align with your operations. Eleveo tracks a long list of call center metrics, allowing you to dig deeper into your data for a clearer understanding of every facet of your operation. We monitor a comprehensive list of call center metrics, including:

  • Average Handle Time (AHT);
  • First Call Resolution (FCR);
  • Interactive voice response (IVR);
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS);
  • Customer Effort Score (CES);
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT);
  • First Response Time (FRT);
  • Average Call Abandonment Rate;
  • Average Call Wait;
  • Repeat Calls;
  • Average Silence per Call;
  • Channel Mix;
  • Agent Adherence to Schedule;
  • Agent Occupancy Rate.

Technical Capabilities

When evaluating Call Center Quality Monitoring, make sure you are offered the best available technological solution. Eleveo’s advanced speech analytics with sentiment analysis offer actionable insights into agent/customer interactions and improve CSAT, efficiency and compliance. Eleveo has also developed a proprietary AI platform, called ELIS (Elevēo Live Intelligence System), which consists of multiple AI models that can be used for call center workforce optimization.



Any software solution you implement in your call center operation needs to facilitate compliance with all applicable regulations. Eleveo’s solutions are fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PCI DSS, allowing you to:

  • Archive data by categories to meet multiple regulatory requirements;
  • Anonymize, extract or delete personally identifiable information;
  • Maintain compliance by offering detailed audit logging for every system action;
  • Streamline compliance reviews by offering simplified data extracts.


If you are a small contact center, you need to maximize your budget dollars by investing in a solution that can grow with you. And if you’re looking for a large enterprise solution, you need to make sure your software can handle the volume. Eleveo’s scalable design makes advanced QM, WFM and WFO functionalities accessible even to small contact centers, with On-Premise or Cloud Hosted Solutions and pricing plans that are subscription or usage-based. Whether you’re an enterprise contact center, cloud contact center, remote or hybrid call center, Eleveo has a solution to fit your needs.

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