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Call Center Software for Small Business

What is a Call Center Software for Small Business?


Call center software for small business should provide commercial contact centers with the same advanced call center tools and capabilities that larger, more complex software solutions provide enterprise contact centers. With the right software, a small-business call center operation should run like clockwork – productive, efficient and in compliance. Their agents should get up to speed quickly, improve continuously and navigate each customer interaction effectively.

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What are the Different Uses of a Call Center for Small Business?

No matter the size of your call center, a call center software solution for small business gives managers confidence that they’ve scheduled the right number of agents with the right skill sets to be in the right seats as demand requires. Managers should also be able to quickly access and review calls to analyze agent performance for training purposes, ensuring agents get up to speed quickly, improve continuously and navigate each customer interaction effectively. A call center for small business should also offer a wide array of Workforce Management and Media Capture tools, from the basic (e.g., Call and Screen Recording) to the advanced (e.g., Speech Analytics) and everything in between.


How Can a Small Business Benefit from a Call Center Software Solution?

Using call center software in your small business provides an array of benefits, including the ability to deliver high-quality, omni-channel customer service consistently, regardless of the time of day or demand levels.

How can Eleveo’s solutions help your Call Center for Small Business?

Eleveo is focused on providing small business call centers with advanced features and an intuitive User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). A commercial contact center won’t need a dedicated IT or data analytics staff to use our tools. For instance, small and mid-size contact centers seeking to create the optimal schedule think they have to choose between using the Excel spreadsheets they’ve traditionally used or investing in a costly, complex WFM software solution. With Eleveo, those small business call centers don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a large WFM system to elevate their scheduling process.


Robust Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance recording protects your company from theft, litigation and fines. Protect your business by recording everything into a single place with automated categorization by type, source, and customer where any interaction can be easily reviewed. Eleveo’s solution tools provide call, screen, video recording, and live monitoring.


Performance and Speech Analytics

Enhance user and customer experience by utilizing Eleveo’s performance and speech analytics tools. Your business call center can identify critical interactions, trends, KPI’s and customer sentiment.


Privacy Protection

To keep you and your small business call center in compliance, our data management solutions manage sensitive data to prevent theft and fraud. Media lifecycle management categorizes data to meet regulatory requirements, and CDPR, PII, and CCPA features provide you the autonomy to delete, extract and anonymize sensitive information.


Call and screen recording is a fundamental need, but commercial contact centers can certainly benefit from a full range of workforce and quality management tools, including: multi-skill and multi-channel scheduling, schedule adherence, live monitoring and speech analytics

Most importantly, find a WFO solution provider with a high degree of customer-centricity - that treats each implementation as a discrete project, with its methodology organized around your business processes, regulatory requirements, size, industry and numerous other factors. The provider should recognize that every customer is different, from their IT organization and their reporting requirements to the ultimate value they expect the solution to deliver. That solution should scale as your business grows. Eleveo offers deployment options - in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid IT environment.

Every implementation and every company is different, but Eleveo by subscription or as-a-service is easy to afford. To learn more, contact Eleveo’s sales today!