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Call Center Software

Call Center Software


Elevate your contact center operations and customer experience, and optimize processes with a secure and scalable call center software solution.

Equipping agents to deliver exceptional customer interactions - that's the primary goal of the contact center. It's a multi-faceted challenge, and it's not easy. Managing a contact center involves scheduling agents, training agents, anticipating demand volumes across all channels and much more.

Eleveo provides call center software designed to streamline your operation and help you manage every feature of the contact center. You don’t need to be an IT or data expert to leverage our tools and optimize your call center.

Enhance Workforce Management. Streamline Operations.

We offer a wide range of Workforce Optimization, Workforce Management and Quality Management solutions to solidify your operational control. Eleveo’s robust, intuitive tools help you tackle every contact center challenge, from compliance to ensuring that the right agents with the right skills are in the right seats at the right times.

You can start using our WFO tools quickly, without worry about a long learning curve. Some of our call center software key features include:


Omnichannel Engagement:

Our solution is designed to help you engage with customers across all channels. Meeting your customers where they are strengthens relationships and loyalty.


Unified Dashboard:

Our call center software provides your team with a unified dashboard, whether for call center agents, supervisors, QA analysts, managers, IT administrators, or data protection officers. People in each role can collect and analyze data and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to their role.


Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking:

Stay agile with Eleveo’s call center software by tracking your agents’ performance in real-time. You can adjust rapidly, as dictated by the flow of each customer interaction. You can manage your agents in real-time, regardless of the queue they're working in.


Intuitive UX and UI:

IT and data tools can be daunting and difficult for inexperienced users to navigate. Eleveo is designed to eliminate that potential roadblock. Our call center software comes with an intuitive user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), making it easy to use and understand, even for those without technical expertise.


All-In-One Contact Center Software to Deliver Quality Customer Experience

Eleveo’s contact center software platform has all the tools you need to deliver high quality, personalized customer experiences. Some of our key features:


Multi-Channel Forecasting and Scheduling:

Create your agents’ schedules across all channels with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and access to historical demand data.


Quality Management:

Eleveo provides all the elements of a continuous feedback loop, capturing customer interactions and enabling managers to use those interactions as the basis for evaluating and improving with agent performance through training. Our QM tools uncover actionable insights and provide the raw material for intelligent decision-making.



Ensure compliance with government and industry regulations, like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) with tools like omnichannel recording, auto-pause-and-resume and  media lifecycle management.


Schedule Adherence:

With this feature, you can monitor agents' adherence history and monitor deviations from their schedules. Evaluate agents and implement necessary changes immediately to meet your service level agreement (SLA).



Support your learning and development (L&D) team with e-learning functions that can be used to train your new hires or current agents. Keep your team updated with the latest trends and constantly up-skill them to maintain quality customer service.


Speech Analytics:

Our speech analytics capabilities allow you to analyze customer and agent conversations, detect emotions, and identify keywords to reveal valuable decision-making insights. This information is critical for assessing the customer experience, evaluating agent performance, and identifying points for improvement.


Managing Your Workforce Seamlessly for Productivity

Staffing is a key influencer of contact center success. Obviously, you need to schedule agents correctly to ensure you have the capacity to handle all customer inquiries. Eleveo’s call center software provides all the tools and features you need to closely manage your team, including:


Call Center Automation through AI-Powered Auto Scheduling:

With AI-powered auto-scheduling and schedule adherence, you can optimize multi-skill agent schedules over multiple channels with a simple keystroke.



Our software provides multi-channel forecasting capabilities to help you manage your queue and ensure a high level of customer service. Our Forecast Adjustments feature also allows you to modify forecasts whenever needed to ensure you assign enough agents for the expected contact volume.


Agent Schedule:

Our My Schedule module for agents serves as a central hub for your agents to automatically view their schedules and sync calendars to their devices.


Deliver Elevated Customer Service with Our Call Center Software

Managing daily contact center operations can be tough, especially if you do everything manually. Eleveo  eliminates the complex problems you encounter with easy-to-use, yet robust solutions. Find out how our call center software can help you maximize operational efficiency, comply with industry regulations, and optimize your workforce, elevating the supervisor, agent, and customer experience.


For more information on our software, call us today at +1 (615) 224-3414.