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Contact Center CRM

What is a Contact Center CRM?


A contact center CRM manages contacts by synchronizing phone numbers, emails, social media handles, addresses, purchasing histories, and even preferred method(s) of communication. CRM prioritizes leads and leverages the prospects most likely to convert. Every interaction across multiple channels is recorded, even when it doesn't result in a sale. It saves contact center representatives time,provides them with lots of content for future communication and equips them to individualize customer interactions.

A contact center CRM is designed to attract new customers and retain current ones as it seamlessly automates marketing, sales, and customer service operations. In return, it saves teams valuable time by eliminating repetitive tasks. A CRM stores all these tasks and data in one place where they can be shared and viewed. Moreover, dashboards can be tailored to fit an organization's needs and integrated with other business and sales apps.

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What are the Different Uses of a Contact Center CRM?


No matter what your requirements might be, a contact center CRM solution includes features that enable departments to handle highly specialized tasks effectively. For example, with lead nurturing software, agents can develop and grow positive customer relationships to close more sales. Analytics will help you determine what customers want, how to reach them, and when they need a personalized reminder. Contact center agents can analyze past sales data, identify important trends, and compare industry standards to make more confident predictions. Metrics from sales trackers provide you with insight into whether you are on target to reach your objectives or if your pipeline needs to be adjusted.

One of the key features of a contact center CRM is its flexibility. By adding only the features your business needs, and excluding the ones you don’t need, your organization can streamline its sales process. Here are some useful features included in a CRM:

  • Getting email notifications and tracking;
  • A click-to-call service;
  • Ticketing system;
  • Messaging & live chat;
  • Reporting & analytics;
  • Pipeline management;
  • Data import/export;
  • Self-service portal;
  • Social media integration;
  • Prospecting tools.

How can a Contact Center Benefit from a CRM?


Your contact center can meet your customers wherever they are with a CRM tool. You can offer support anytime, anywhere. There is always a connection through messaging, live chat, social media, email, or voice. A help center and forum let customers resolve issues on their own at their own pace. From the standpoint of your agents, CRM streamlines the support process from start to finish. You can manage and send responses from one place. Routing and sales intelligence technology enable agents to manage their workflow more efficiently. Furthermore, your business can provide customer support in a scalable way. This will free you up to focus all your efforts on your business.

How can Eleveo help your CRM?


For complicated contact center problems, Elevéo has simple, effective solutions. CRM solutions, like Salesforce, can access and play back our recordings via API, centralizing the user experience.


Multi-Skill/Multi-Channel Forecasting and Scheduling

Integrating seamlessly with your contact center platform and using an intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface, we simplify, streamline and strengthen the scheduling processes. In addition, our forecasting engine guides your contact center toward optimal scheduling to meet your service level agreements.


Quality Management

Our solutions empower you with actionable insights into agent digital channel interactions with customers. They help you spot trends and develop an intelligence-based roadmap for optimizing agent performance. Enhance quality management by bringing together all channels in a single workflow and scheduling reviews with a single click.


Speech and performance analytics and Insights

Measurement is key to management. Eleveo solutions elevate your business by helping you measure what matters most faster, without relying on IT staff and without the need for a dedicated staff of data scientists. Eleveo offers analytics designed specifically contact centers, providing reports, dashboards, and KPIs out of the box.


Customers feel valued as individuals when you anticipate and address their needs. Through a contact center CRM, customers can connect with the representative most qualified to help them.

A contact center CRM can be valuable to any company that is struggling to organize customer information and maintain profitable relationships with its existing clients.

To learn more about our integrations to leading CRM solutions contact Eleveo’s sales team today!