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Contact Center Screen Recording

What is a Contact Center Screen Recording?


Contact center screen recording is an essential element of call center quality control and compliance. Here we have outlined what call center screen recording is and its benefits.

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What is Contact Center Screen Recording

The ability to monitor and capture screens while agents handle customer service calls is extremely useful for quality control and training purposes. Screen recording, when combined with the call, voice, email, chat, and text recording features, forms the foundation of a contact center’s efficiency, compliance and customer experience programs.


What are the Features of Call Center Screen Recording

With live monitoring, you can monitor agents' conversations and interactions with callers in real-time. Supervisors can give agents the support they need when they need it the most. Additionally, an auto-pause and resume feature is a must-have compliance feature, automating rules for pausing the screen recording function when collecting protected information from the customer and resuming screen recording after.


One benefit of contact center screen recording is protection against theft or fraud. With advanced data management features, supervisors and team leads can monitor and evaluate all data captured to use as a basis for training or other interventions.


With Eleveo’s Omni-Channel Recording, record all your communication channels, including audio, call, screen, and video, in one place, making it much easier to ensure top-quality management. With omnichannel features, measure customer experience, protecting both your revenue sources and brand reputation. You can also better understand and meet customer experience and expectations.

How Call Center Screen Recording Improves Engagement

With an all-in-one screen recording solution, including live monitoring features, supervisors can view agents' customer interactions in real-time and give valuable insights and feedback. Thanks to advanced speech analytics, which detect emotions and evaluate interruptions, silences, and key phrases, supervisors can quickly assess how much time is spent on calls and if an agent lacks knowledge about a specific product or problem. Giving specific and tailored coaching and performance feedback will keep agents engaged and improve overall efficiency.


Contact Center Screen Recording and Compliance


As regulations and compliance become stricter, ensuring you keep customer data protected at all times is a fundamental and vital business requirement. When it comes to call center screen recording, effective data management features protect privacy, keep you in compliance and prevent theft or fraud. Stay in line with GDPR, CCPA, and PCI DSS compliance by removing or anonymizing all sensitive details from on-screen recordings. 


Having the ability to undertake comprehensive audits of all your data, including screen recordings, has exceptional benefits for your contact center. Eleveo provides robust compliance features, reducing vulnerabilities with secure solutions with either a cloud or hybrid suite. Our contact center screen recording solutions are equipped with advanced speech analytics to identify any drawbacks and to give agents the insights to react accordingly. Automation is vital for compliance. Mitigate against human error with the automated pause and resume feature for recordings, preventing personal information from mistakenly being captured and stored.</



The benefits of contact center screen recording are compliance with laws and regulations, and increased agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Call recording works by capturing the audio and call activity between an agent and customer. The call can then be monitored, evaluated, or analyzed. Call recording is beneficial for training, quality management, and compliance purposes.


Screen recording means that managers and leaders can help identify any potential issues with agent product knowledge or their ability to navigate the contact center’s knowledge base. Call center leaders have the ability to better train and manage agents for increased productivity and efficiency.