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Now more than ever, organizations are asked to do more with less; they’re looking to cut costs and maximize efficiency. Many are migrating their data to the cloud to leverage the speed, flexibility, and scalability it offers. It’s important to know the key differences between on premises vs cloud systems.

On-premises application software is owned by the organization and is downloaded to a physical server. A cloud-based application is accessed through the cloud service provider’s web portal. The provider owns the servers, storage and databases and offers on-demand services, in effect, leasing usage back to the customer through a subscription.


On Premises vs Cloud Solutions Differences

There are a few key differences to consider when choosing between on premises vs cloud solutions.


On Premises vs Cloud Solutions difference #1- Compliance

Compliance and regulatory controls must be maintained in-house for on premises solutions. Companies are responsible for abiding by government regulations and standards for maintaining data privacy and protection..

With cloud solutions, the software provider is responsible for meeting the regulatory standards of the specified industry. The cloud service provider ensures that the data and privacy of customers and employees are secure.


On Premises vs Cloud Solutions Difference #2 – Control

On-premises solutions give organizations complete control over their data and systems.

Cloud solutions offer shared ownership of data, even though the data and encryption keys are secured.

On Premise vs Cloud Solutions Difference #3 – Security

On premise software places the onus of data security squarely on the organization’s shoulders, while a cloud deployment is a shared-responsibility arrangement between the organization and the cloud service provider.


On Premises vs Cloud Solutions Difference #4 – Cost

On premise software requires investments in server and storage infrastructure, implementation and ongoing maintenance/support.

Cloud solutions are a cost-effective alternative. The initial set up, maintenance and support costs are lower, and support/maintenance are easier.


On Premises vs Cloud Solutions Difference #5 - Flexibility & Mobility

On premises software has the ability to be accessed remotely but can pose communication and security risks. Premise solutions need third-party support for access which can further complicate security measures.

Cloud solutions enable organizations and employees to access data remotely, allowing for flexibility and mobility. As long as there is a stable, reliable internet connection, cloud solutions can be accessed anywhere, increasing both productivity and engagement.


On Premises vs Cloud Solutions Difference #6 - Scalability and Updates

Companies are risk-averse, always positioning themselves to reduce vulnerability. A cloud or subscription model provides the peace-of-mind of knowing that your software investment is current (upgrades and new versions are automatically deployed) and scalable in times of business expansion, retraction and unpredictability.


On Premises vs Cloud Solution Benefits

Cloud software can be deployed in a matter of hours and a physical server isn’t required. There are no upfront costs with cloud solutions and they have the capacity for high-performance workloads.


Why use Eleveo as On Premises vs Cloud Solution

Eleveo offers a choice when it comes to deployment - cloud, on-premise or hybrid. As a decision-maker, you must decide the best way to optimize your resources - both human and financial. You're asking a simple question: What is our core business? And you're probably looking to 3rd party service providers for any activities falling outside of that core.

You're in the contact center business, not the IT business. A contact center's core responsibilities are compliance, workforce optimization, CSAT and revenue protection, not managing and administering the WFO solution environment.

Eleveo can assume that responsibility with our cloud-based Eleveo-as-a-Service model. We'll reduce your contact center's complexity and minimize service interruptions by hosting our user-friendly, secure, and scalable solution for you.

If you’d rather keep everything on-premises, we can do that too! Reach out to our sales team to discuss your options.


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