CCaaS: What is Contact Center as a Service | And Why Eleveo?


Meaning of CCaaS

What is CCaaS? Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based contact center software solution for voice, chat, email, or other channels. The CCaaS cloud deployment model gives you the same contact center management capabilities as an on-prem deployment, but it simplifies and streamlines software updates and reduces your solution’s total cost of ownership.

What does CCaaS and cloud deployment mean for you?

The benefits of a CCaas (Contact Center as a Service) and cloud deployment are universal:

  • reduced complexity, 
  • lower total cost of support and ownership, 
  • increased scalability, and enhanced flexibility

The Eleveo CCaaS deployment model enables you to greatly reduce hardware and solution management expenditures while ensuring that you have the latest version of our solution suite.

CCaaS Benefits: Why choose CCaaS with Eleveo?

Even as their mandate expands, contact centers are expected to do more with fewer agents so they are always seeking ways to reduce direct and operational costs and increase efficiency while retaining customers. As a result, many are moving to, or are considering, a move to cloud or hybrid environments. Commercial contact centers are no different from their larger enterprise counterparts in that sense.

The basic features of a CCaaS are similar to those of a traditional on-premise calling solution like Cisco or Avaya. Today’s contact centers tend to support increasingly complicated customer interactions, and their agents are doing it over multiple channels like emails, chats, and voice, adding to the cost and complexity of operations.

What makes Eleveo’s CCaaS stand out?

Eleveo’s version of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) deployment model offers commercial contact centers the ability to access all the advanced contact center technology they need while reducing IT, integration, and support costs. 

Beyond that, we’ll be able to provide our customers with fast and easy ‘hands-off’ deployments of new features, functions and channels as we move deeper into 2022.

How to have an effective CCaaS with Eleveo

Contact your sales director or for additional information about Eleveo CCaas deployment. You’ll learn more about the benefits of CCaaS and our easy-to-manage process for ensuring you enjoy all the features and benefits of the Eleveo WFO suite in the cloud. Our implementation, training and consulting teams are poised to make your transition to CCaaS quick and painless. Their mission is to help you begin realizing the value of your move to the cloud and your investment in Eleveo’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) immediately. 


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