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Contact Center Management

Contact Center Management


Your agents should be happy and motivated, so they are able to provide exceptional customer service. Eleveo's solutions can help your contact center improve its forecasting and scheduling, and position your agents more effectively. Read on to find out more about how Eleveo's software can help your business.


What are the benefits of contact center management?

It determines how an organization conducts its day-to-day operations. A few tasks include hiring and training staff, scheduling staff and interacting with customers. Contact centers can optimize their people and processes with the right solution.


Such solutions are integral to businesses' operations. Here are some of their benefits:

  • Improved reporting and collaboration;
  • Multi-channel support;
  • Improved customer experience;
  • Upgraded security and compliance;
  • More advanced call analytics;
  • Cost-effectiveness.

With Eleveo's solutions, you will be able to boost customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and motivate and engage your contact center agents.



In the past, contact centers were simply expected to answer incoming calls and direct them to an appropriate department. Today, contact centers do more than just that! Advanced technologies have fueled the ability to keep pace with rising client expectations. The business environment today is constantly changing, which makes managing a contact center a complex challenge.


Analytics and Reports You Can Trust

Every contact center has access to large volumes of consumer data and information. Analytics and reporting systems enable contact centers to analyze that data and glean insights from it. Each department and each role within a contact center may have its own unique analytics reporting needs. Managing multiple reporting systems presents a major challenge for contact center managers. It’s important that data be assimilated into a single workflow.


A Workforce Optimization Strategy

Job #1 for contact centers is to determine staff needs. Managers have to balance an array of variables to develop an optimized schedule. With Eleveo, you can streamline every part of the contact center, from forecasting to operations, quality and agent engagement.


Keeping Customers Happy

Customer expectations are changing and their standards are more demanding. Competition is also on the rise, and customer satisfaction can be an important differentiator. Customer loyalty is the holy grail for businesses, and that loyalty is largely based on the contact center’s ability to deliver prompt, consistently high levels of service across the channel(s) most convenient for customers. Eleveo's survey and emotion detection tools are useful for uncovering insights into the customer experience your contact center delivers, and protecting your brand's reputation.


Best Practices

The following tips will ensure smooth contact center operations.


Engage Agents

An effective contact center management strategy depends on employee engagement. Some tips:

  • Provide clear expectations for your agents;
  • Provide tools, training, and onboarding for your agents;
  • Provide feedback;
  • Take your agents' feedback into account;
  • Develop emotional intelligence.

Call Monitoring

Nothing provides better insight into the customer experience than listening to agent/customer calls. These interactions can be the basis for ongoing agent training and onboarding exercises and for identifying trends within the contact center. Eleveo’s call and screen recording capabilities enable you to capture 100% of your customer interactions.


Get All the Data you Need

Data is the raw material for good decision-making. Insight into a contact center's operations and performance in critical KPIs - along with the ability to share those insights - drives continuous improvement. Eleveo's analytics tools help you transform raw data into intelligence.


Eleveo's Solution

Eleveo is a software solution specifically designed for contact centers with the goal of streamlining customer experience and improving contact center management. This software platform is invaluable to organizations of any size who want to improve their customer relationships.

Eleveo’s solutions provide unmatched visibility into customer interactions and customer sentiment. The Eleveo WFO solution also provides insights into operational efficiency, both process- and people-related.

Eleveo’s contact center management solutions ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for the protection of customer data, like PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and many others.

Elevate every encounter in your contact center with our easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, easy-to-manage and easy-to-scale WFO tool suite for contact centers.

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