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Agent Screen Recording

What is an Agent Screen Recording? 


Simple and effective recording and monitoring solutions have many benefits for a call center. Here, we have focused on agent screen recordings, what the benefits for your organization are and how screen capture can help you keep up to date with regulations and remain compliant.

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What is Agent Screen Recording?

Agent screen recording or capture gives your contact center managers and team leaders the ability to view what your agent sees on-screen during calls. With the use of screen recording technology and software, you view real-time interactions between agents and customers or callers.


Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the arduous task of monitoring and evaluating a large sample of agent screens is possible. Using automated agent screen recording, team leaders and managers can analyze customer interactions, giving them data-driven problem-solving capabilities.


Agent screen capture records complete communications between the call center and the customer or caller, together with calls, videos, and other interactions in one place.


What are the Benefits of Agent Screen Recording?

For a customer with a question or issue, your agents are the public face of your company and first point of contact of your call center. Therefore, having the ability to capture all interactions has many benefits for your organization.


Firstly, let's focus on quality assurance, which involves supervising thousands of incoming and outgoing calls and interactions, whether via call, email, or chat. Thanks to agent screen capture, a manager or team leader can evaluate agents' performance, both with a view to highlighting potential problems and giving positive feedback. The insights gained from agent screen recording are also key to effective and tailored staff training. The power to analyze what works and share these insights with all team members is extremely valuable for an organization.


Agent Screen Recording for Improved Productivity

Your agent's performance largely depends on how efficient call and screen workflows are. Agent screen capture helps managers and team leaders ensure that agents' time is spent on the most critical tasks.


The first step is to evaluate current performance and productivity levels. Team leaders can use screen recordings to determine how much time an agent is spending on an interaction and how adept they are at navigating through the knowledge base and applicable screens during customer interactions.


The benefits of agent screen capture are clear: helping you improve agent performance and efficiency, achieve your quality standards, and helping your organization comply with stringent data and privacy regulations.


There are many reasons that call center recording is important for organizations of all sizes. Not only does call center recording and capture improve customer interactions, but it also keeps your business in compliance with government and industry regulations. It also supports your quality management initiatives..

Yes, agents are made aware that screen and all other recordings take place and will often sign a notice of consent, wherein they acknowledge that they were made aware that their customer interactions would be monitored and recorded. Call centers usually provide an employment agreement in which this information is detailed for agents.

Yes, you can record multiple screens at once. Call, video, chat, screen, and live monitoring can all be captured in one place. Supervisors can monitor multiple screens and all interactions allowing them to assist agents in real-time if needed.