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Call Center Management

Wouldn’t it be great to provide fantastic customer experiences while keeping your agents motivated and happy, all at the same time? Eleveo’s solutions elevate your contact center by improving forecasting and enabling you to position your agents more effectively. Read on to learn more about call center management with Eleveo.


Why is Call Center Management so Important?


Call center management is simply how businesses handle their everyday call center operations. It encompasses everything from training and scheduling agents, to quality management and regulatory compliance. With effective contact center management software, a contact center operation runs like clockwork – it’s productive, efficient and in compliance. Agents get up to speed quickly, improve continuously and navigate each customer interaction effectively. As for the customer, simply put, they’re satisfied.


Call centers are an integral part of any business, so it’s important for all companies to invest in professional call center management solutions. Some of the benefits include:


  • Improved collaboration and accountability
  • Multi-channel support
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Improved security and compliance
  • Superior call analytics
  • Improved operational and resource efficiency

Eleveo provides efficient contact center management solutions that improve contact center operations, increase customer satisfaction and engage and motivate agents.

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The Complexities of Call Center Management

No longer do call centers just answer incoming calls and transfer them from one department to another. Technologies and rising customer expectations make contact center management more challenging than it’s ever been if you haven’t deployed the right workforce optimization, workforce management, media capture and quality management software.


Accurate Analytics and Reports

Most call centers collect and store large volumes of consumer data. The trick is transforming that data into actionable, decision-making intelligence. Eleveo analytics tools and dashboards, populated with the right data and employed for a well-defined strategic purpose, are the keys to accelerating raw data’s time-to-value and maximizing that value.


Workforce Optimization

Positioning agents with the right skills in the right seats at the right time - at the lowest cost possible - is the essence of successful contact center management. Eleveo WFO delivers comprehensive, real-time visibility into operational and agent effectiveness. Our WFO is an integrated suite of tools that fuels intelligence-driven decisions, maximizes organizational agility, monitors KPIs and elevates the customer and employee experience.


Improving Customer Experience

Increasingly, digital and social channels are reshaping customer expectations. Customers are gradually becoming more demanding, potentially resulting in higher attrition rates. To maintain their loyalty, contact centers must provide prompt service through the customers’ preferred channel. Using Eleveo’s survey and emotion detection, as well as our conversation and screen capture tools, you can gain insights into customer experience and protect your brand.


For Effective Call Center Management…

A contact center management team needs to adhere to best practices if they want to manage their operations efficiently and effectively. Here are a few tips you can follow to ensure smooth call center operations.


  • Automatically categorize each interaction to alert you to emerging trends and potential issues;
  • Consolidate speech, chat and email interactions into a single workflow;
  • Streamline access to crucial decision-making data;
  • Evaluate and coach agents and ensure the right agents with the right skills are in the right seats at the right time;
  • Simplify contact center scheduling and pinpoint staffing requirements based on historical customer-demand data;
  • Utilize advanced analytics to mine actionable intelligence from raw data.

Improve employee engagement

Engaging your employees is the key to a successful call center management strategy. Therefore, you should:


  • Set clear expectations, including KPIs and goals, for your agents so they know what to expect;
  • Offer tools, training, and onboarding to support your agents;
  • Give frequent feedback, both positive and negative;
  • Consider your agents' feedback during decision-making;
  • Empower your employees by demonstrating emotional intelligence.


Monitor your agents’ calls

Listening to agent calls helps you determine if your employees are meeting your customer experience objectives. Reviewing and analyzing these interactions will allow you to highlight call center trends, and then use them for regular training and onboarding exercises. Eleveo's call recording module allows you to easily search and select recorded calls based on your company's needs.


Retrieve all important data

Sound data is crucial for making good decisions. Managers must be familiar with the most critical KPIs in their call centers and utilize that information to gain insight into their operations. Business objectives should determine how you measure data. After that, you need a way to analyze, interpret, and share the data in a meaningful way. Eleveo’s analytics tools help you turn raw data into actionable intelligence.


Call Center Management with Eleveo

Developed for contact centers, Eleveo is a software platform that streamlines customer experience as well as contact center management. Companies of any size will find this software platform beneficial for improving their relationships with customers.

With Eleveo, customer interactions are recorded and data on customer sentiment is collected. Additionally, it measures efficiency in contact center operations. Eleveo's powerful and state-of-the-art system is a leading-edge solution. Not only is it easy to operate, but it also delivers high performance. Possessing capabilities, such as recording customer interactions, outbound sales or financial transactions, Eleveo's solutions protect your business.

Customer experience is also captured by our data management solutions for privacy and regulatory compliance. Eleveo’s robust features for PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, among others, protects your revenue and ensures contact center quality. With scalable, secure and easy-to-use solutions that can be run on any device and can host anywhere, Eleveo provides the needed edge for your call center management operations.

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