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Omnichannel Contact Center

Today’s customers expect seamless interactions with contact centers, no matter which channel or device they use. It’s more important than ever to build an omnichannel contact center that allows you to deliver exceptional and consistent customer experience across email, chat and voice channels.


What is an Omnichannel Contact Center?


An omnichannel contact center allows customers to choose their preferred channels when seeking assistance. In most cases, adopting this system requires schedulers to access software with omni-channel scheduling capabilities, so they can define blocks of time within which a single or multi-skilled agent is assigned to either the voice, email or chat channel, .

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Omnichannel vs. Multi-channel Contact Centers


A featured characteristic of an omnichannel contact center is the ability to engage with customers through different channels. How then does it differ from a multi-channel contact center?

Multi-channel contact centers support the use of multiple channels such as voice, emails, and text messages. However, these channels operate in isolation under this model. Different teams manage each channel, so agents do not have open access to a customer's interaction history. This silo effect negatively impacts customer satisfaction as agents are not aware of prior conversations and customers are faced with the challenge of repeating their requests.

Omnichannel contact centers differ in that they eliminate these silos and connect all channels by centralizing customer data into one repository. The software platform updates interactions in real-time, allowing agents to pick up where conversations left off.

Benefits of Omnichannel Contact Centers


Using an omnichannel approach provides many benefits for your contact center. In addition to delivering seamless and consistent customer experience, your business will also:


Collect Customer Data

Omnichannel contact center software allows you to collect and analyze customer data to unlock new insights for decision-making. By reviewing interactions, managers can determine effectiveness and identify areas for improvement to optimize your workforce operations.


Offer More Communication Options

Customers expect contact centers to offer different communication options when they need assistance. Omnichannel operations allow you to do this by supporting multiple channels without compromising service quality.


Speed Up Resolution Times

Omnichannel contact centers speed up the resolution process by keeping agents updated with the status of every customer interaction. It saves them time from repeating routine tasks and allows them to focus on providing the exact support each customer needs.


Improve Customer Retention

Customers become frustrated if they have to repeat their concerns to an agent every time they use a different channel. Thus, omnichannel contact centers address this concern by improving customer retention.

Key Features in Eleveo’s Omnichannel Contact Center Platform


When transitioning into an omnichannel contact center, finding the right software platform to consolidate your channel operations is essential. Eleveo simplifies this by integrating all key omnichannel features into a single solution. Its workforce optimization (WFO) module is an all-in-one tool that offers:


Cloud Architecture

Eleveo’s software platform provides contact centers with centralized access to data from anywhere, making it easy to sync customer data and review conversation histories.


Omnichannel Routing

Regardless of what medium they use, the right agents can connect to their customers. With high-tech features like automatic call distribution (ACD) and CRM integration, contact centers can route customers to the proper department and ensure they get their desired answers.


Workforce Engagement

Optimize your workforce scheduling with multi-channel, multi-skill forecasting and scheduling. Our software can automate the process, eliminate complexities, and maximize agent utilization.


Analytics and Reporting

Eleveo makes it easy to measure key metrics and track contact center performance without the need for data scientists or IT specialists. With access to reports, dashboards, and KPIs, omnichannel contact centers can make data-driven decisions to drive operational efficiency.


Omnichannel contact centers are recognized as the future of customer support. Thus, all contact centers will benefit from using an omnichannel approach to engage with customers at every touchpoint.

Eleveo offers an all-in-one WFO software platform with all the features you need to transition into an omnichannel contact center. It contains a suite of tools that centralizes all channels and customer data into a single workflow, so that you can provide a seamless customer experience. It is also scalable, allowing you to maintain smooth operations as you grow your center.

For more information about contact centers, feel free to contact Eleveo at +1 (615) 224-3414. Our team will be happy to assist you by providing more information about our software platform and its features.