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Multichannel Contact Center

Multichannel Contact Center


Today's consumers increasingly use digital technologies such as instant messaging, SMS, and social networks to communicate with businesses. To keep up with customers' expectations, whatever the means of communication someone prefers, multichannel contact center software allows customers to interact over multiple channels, including chat, email, call, and text. Eleveo’s multichannel capabilities provide the ultimate solution for boosting your business’ customer experience.


Forecasting and Scheduling in a Multichannel Contact Center

How accurately can you forecast the demand on your contact center resources on each of those channels? How quickly can you respond to fluctuations in call, email and chat volumes throughout a day or week? How confident are you that you’ve scheduled the appropriate number of agents with the right skill sets, precisely when they’re needed?

These are the questions supervisors and team leads ask, knowing the contact center’s ability to improve coverage across channels, satisfy SLAs, and meet customer and employee expectations rides on the answers. Contact centers aren’t assembly lines operating under predictable conditions. Demand for agents is dynamic and subject to outside influences, making it difficult to create accurate forecasts and schedules. Multi-skill agents serving multiple channels add even more complexity.

Elevēo’s WFM supports voice, chat and email channels, providing users with an intuitive, visual experience equal to our multi-skill tool. Leveraging the same forecasting algorithm calculations as our multi-skill tool, schedulers can use our multi-channel scheduling studio to define blocks of time within which a single or multi-skilled agent is assigned to either the voice, email or chat channel, and the agent portal lets them see which channels they’ll be covering during their shift. We have added a parameter to the algorithm for the chat queue that allows schedulers to specify how many concurrent chats an agent can handle. For many small and mid-size contact centers seeking to create the optimal schedule it comes down to a choice between using Excel or a WFM software solution. It’s important to note that you don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a large WFM system to elevate your scheduling process. Let Elevēo’s intuitive scheduling tools help you strengthen and streamline your forecasting, single-skill, multi-channel and multi-skill scheduling

Elevēo’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to adjust schedules and distribute those adjustments to production in real-time. The copy-and-paste scheduling feature speeds schedule creation by enabling you to clone agent schedules over multiple days or create multiple schedule templates based on various scenarios. Every agent can synchronize their schedule with their mobile device’s native calendar and will receive email notifications of schedule changes.



With our contact Center platform integration and intuitive UX, Elevēo’s multi-skill and multi-channel forecasting and scheduling tools simplify, streamline and strengthen scheduling processes. The foundation is a seamless integration with your contact center platform and an intuitive user interface. Our platform integrations push simple-to-access-and-leverage historical data collected by your contact center platform (e.g., call, chat and email volumes in 15-minute intervals), providing a fact-basis for predicting the number of agents a contact center will need for a given period and visualize the impact various scenarios may have on demand for agent resources.


Eleveo integrates with:

  • Amazon Connect
  • Genesys
  • Unify OpenScape Xpert
  • Audio CODES

The benefit of multichannel contact center integration is that you can easily synchronize users and groups from an external database, which simplifies the configuration of Eleveo users and enables a wide variety of functionality.



The idea behind a cloud-based multichannel contact center is to integrate multiple contact points, including voice, text, chat, and message, to make them accessible via a web server. You can access a multichannel contact center in the cloud from virtually any location, removing the need for costly physical infrastructure while satisfying customers' evolving communication requirements. Cloud-based multichannel contact center software has many benefits. Perhaps most importantly, you no longer need to make costly software upgrades. Your call center solution provider will ensure you stay current with the most recent software upgrades.



Eleveo’s multichannel call center software helps keep you in compliance with data and privacy regulations. Keeping up to date with compliance is increasingly challenging and complicated. Elevate your business with our solutions’ features:

  • Omni Channel Capture: recording voice, chat, text, screen, video, radios and emails
  • GDPR / CCPA / PCI DSS: anonymization or complete removal of data and personal details collected
  • Media lifecycle management: automatic categorization and archiving
  • Auto Pause & Resume: Automated rule-based pause and resume that protects personal information
  • Comprehensive audits: simplified extraction of data if needed for compliance reviews

Multichannel contact center features allow agent/customer interactions to be monitored, categorized, centralized and made searchable. This includes all call, video, and screen recordings. That being said, one of the simplest methods of staying compliant with regulations is not to record sensitive data in the first place. With Eleveo’s compliance tools, like Auto Pause and Resume, your call center can automatically pause audios to avoid recording or storing sensitive data. Eleveo’s multichannel call center features are the perfect fit for contact centers of all shapes and sizes, including financial and insurance markets, two of the most heavily regulated sectors.



With multichannel call center solutions, you have the power to provide a personalized quality customer experience. In order to optimize your customer experience and have an efficient system that is appreciated by all, multichannel is a necessity that will be appreciated and utilized even more in the coming years.

Are you ready to improve your business’ standards for exceptional customer service while also protecting their information? Try our multichannel contact center solutions today and start optimizing your company today.