Zoom Contact Center Integration

A comprehensive, video-optimized, omnichannel contact center solution

The Zoom Contact Center integration with Eleveo enables centralized management of forecasts and schedules, as well as the automatic capture, retrieval, and management of all voice recordings and screen interactions on the Zoom platform.


The Eleveo Integration connects to the Zoom API and retrieves contact center statistics, recorded media, and metadata.


By integrating Zoom and Eleveo's Workforce Management system, data on historical demand and agent performance from Zoom will automatically be incorporated into our WFM database.

Eleveo Workforce Optimization for Zoom Contact Center makes it easy to elevate compliance, quality, contact center efficiency and agent effectiveness.

quality management

• Compliance Recording
• Agent Evaluation
• Advanced Permissions


• Easy to read QM and
WFM Dashboard KPIs

• Improves decision making

• Granular roles for Data Access

workforce management

• Forecasting

• Scheduling

• Adherence

Eleveo tools and the Zoom platform elevate customer satisfaction

“Customers bring high expectations to every interaction they have with a business regardless of its size. Small and mid-sized contact centers need the same advanced omnichannel platform capabilities and WFO functionality as their enterprise counterparts. We’re delivering it with this Zoom Contact Center integration. It’s an ideal solution for organizations looking for a comprehensive contact center solution that’s easy to access, manage, use and scale.”

- Kentis Gopalla, Head of Ecosystem for Zoom Phone and Contact Center


With the ability to search and import all current users and contacts within your organization, the Eleveo platform allows for effortless management of the customer and agent experience through the use of our Quality Management and Analytics tools.

Eleveo - Zoom ISV Partner Program

As a Zoom ISV partner with a close Zoom Contact Center integration, Eleveo’s contact center optimization and compliance modules will be available through the Zoom App Marketplace. Those include:

Workforce Management (WFM)

Managing staffing is a crucial aspect of contact center management. It's essential to ensure that you have enough agents with the right skill sets available to handle the volume of calls, emails, and chats at all times.


The dynamic nature of demand throughout a day or week and the added complexity of managing multi-skilled agents can make scheduling a challenging task. Eleveo makes it intuitive and easily manageable.
At Eleveo, we believe in empowering businesses with a powerful user-friendly Workforce Management solution. Our solution streamlines forecasting and scheduling, making it easy to handle multi-channel, multi-skilled agents.


With Eleveo WFM, you can access historical data collected by your contact center platform and make data-driven predictions about agent demand. Managers have the ability to visualize the impact of different scenarios on agent demand and make adjustments easily and in real-time. Any changes to schedules can be made in real-time and distributed to agents via their mobile device's native calendar.

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Quality Management (QM)

Eleveo's Quality Management tools offer a wide range of essential features for maximizing the value of your contact center for both customers and your business.


With our QM you can exercise control over all inbound and outgoing customer interactions, including calls, emails, and chats. Our tools are user-friendly and designed to improve your contact center's performance in a budget-friendly way.


The degree of control contact center managers have is a function of how many interactions they can review and analyze. It’s equal parts science and art, correlating metrics, like Average Handling Time or CSAT, to call outcomes, then analyzing those calls and outcomes – good or bad - for root causes. Only after that process is complete can an agent be trained to improve their performance.



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Analytics tells a story. It transforms data into intelligence and actionable insights. Populated with the right data and supported by advanced, easy-to-use Eleveo solutions analytics is the key to accelerating raw data’s time-to-value and maximizing that value.


Your core business is customer service and satisfaction - not application management -  and you may be among the vast majority of contact centers that don't have business analysts and data warehouse specialists on staff full time.


If that's the case, you could have untapped reservoirs of unrefined data that could be exploited to informing optimal, timely decisions. Worse yet, unused or stale data (or data not fully understood) is potentially junk data that could actually slow down decision-making, provide false insights or muddy the water.


There's never been a greater need in these contact centers for Eleveo. Our end-to-end analytics tools break down data silos, aggregate raw data, give it meaning and present it in a way that’s easy for decision-makers to digest.

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“Eleveo, like Zoom, has always embraced the goal of providing universal access to world-class feature/function; it’s what drives our product development. You don’t have to be the biggest contact center to optimize your agent resources, elevate the customer experience and ensure regulatory compliance.

You don’t need a dedicated staff to deploy and manage our tools or train your users. Our cultural alignment is the reason we’re so excited about this Zoom partnership and our Zoom Contact Center integration and why it makes so much sense for our market.”

- Brian Shore, CEO, Eleveo



Omnichannel Contact Center

Zoom Contact Center helps businesses deliver prompt, accurate, and highly personalized customer experiences that drive loyalty.

Redefine your customer engagement with Zoom Contact Center

chatbox 2

Intelligent self-service and routing

Provide instant, accurate resolution 24/7 and reduce call volume with a conversational AI chatbot.

people 2-1

One experience for unified communications and contact center

Easily reach back-office experts while engaging with customers.

videocam 2-1

Video optimized high-touch engagements

Built-in video helps you solve issues faster with screen share, file share and chat.

Solve issues faster and more efficiently with a video-optimized CCaaS

Gain insights to optimize your contact center performance

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Optimize contact center efficiency 

Receive alerts of your KPIs with a comprehensive dashboard for real-time and historical reporting

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Improve customer satisfaction 

Manage, monitor, and measure agent productivity and customer service levels

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Proactively make improvements 

Monitor activity in real-time for your queues, agents, current interactions, active calls, duration, average hold time, and more

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