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Call Center Compliance Monitoring

Call Center Compliance Monitoring


Call center compliance monitoring capabilities are essential to protecting organizations against the risks - legal and financial - of failing to satisfy regulations protecting customers and customer information. Eleveo provides robust, secure, auditable and easy-to-use call center compliance monitoring solutions critical to your call center risk mitigation efforts. Continue reading to learn how Eleveo’s tools can help you protect your customers and your business.


Compliance Success

The ability to closely monitor compliance across the contact center and to access meaningful and actionable intelligence is the essence of compliance success. An effective compliance regime is based largely on the ability to record, store and retrieve every customer interaction, whether those interactions take place in phone, email, chat or video channel environments. Ideally, your compliance efforts should be automated and data-driven, producing actionable intelligence on a large sample of agent/customer interactions, and those interactions should be easily searchable and auditable.


Optimizing Compliance Efforts

The regulatory environment only moves in one direction: toward more regulation and more mandates.

Eleveo is a leading workforce optimization software provider and an expert in call center compliance monitoring. We've developed the compliance tools within our WFO solution suite that play a critical role in helping organizations in highly regulated industries - banking, finance, insurance and healthcare, to name a few - meet the most stringent of mandates. Additionally, Eleveo tools support a comprehensive, verifiable and fully searchable historical record to protect your organizations from auditors.


Elevate Customer Encounters

Using Eleveo’s call center compliance monitoring, you will not only reduce average handling time, improve first call resolutions and measure and monitor a wide range of CSAT metrics, you'll also access actionable and robust analytics that boost transparency and inform and improve internal processes, elevate agent proficiency and provide a basis for ongoing agent training.


Meet Critical Compliance Standards Across Industries

Eleveo enables organizations to achieve and bolster their GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA and FCA-Consumer Duty compliance.


Healthcare organizations will note that our WFO tool is integrated with EPIC Healthcare Systems. In fact, ours is the only WFO software in the Epic App Orchard. Eleveo monitors and reports agent performance to ensure compliance regulations are met.


Utilizing Eleveo, you'll unlock critical areas in need of improvement and identify compliance service gaps across phone, email, chat and video channels.

How to Deploy Call Center Compliance Monitoring

Implementing an effective compliance regime is an important step toward ensuring your customers have high-quality, successful interactions with your agents, while your business is safeguarding against costs of non-compliance. The ability to safely record and store and quickly access and review customer/agent interactions is integral to uncovering actionable decision-making and organization-protecting insights. In short, your compliance regime depends on those capabilities.


There are three key insights to consider when implementing call center compliance monitoring:


Define Business Goals

Define your business targets and goals. It could be a generalized goal, like ensuring every customer interaction meets your compliance goals, or something more targeted, like ensuring that agents use a required phrase in x% of their customer interactions.


Determine Your Monitored Channels

Voice, email, chat…which channel is most important to track? With Eleveo's automated omnichannel monitoring capabilities you can do it all.


Leverage Data to Improve

Leadership will need to determine how their organization will leverage structured and unstructured data to improve the contact center's compliance efforts.


How Eleveo’s Call Center Compliance Monitoring Solutions Can Help

Monitoring your call center to ensure compliance can seem complex, expensive and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Eleveo offers an array of compliance tools to protect your business and provide your customers with high quality customer service. Here are some of the capabilities Eleveo delivers:


Omnichannel Monitoring

Omnichannel monitoring leverages all customer service channels, providing full transparency into your customers' journey. Eleveo offers call, screen, text, chat and video recording, along with live monitoring.


Data Management

With features, like Media Lifecycle Management and GDPR, PII, and CCPA compliance tools, you can be confident Eleveo will help you manage sensitive customer data - collect and store it when the regulations say you need to, and avoid collecting and storing prohibited data.


Auto-Pause and Resume


Protect other party’s sensitive information and personal financial information. As the name suggests, Eleveo’s auto-pause feature automatically pauses call and screen recordings when sensitive/protected information is being communicated. Its browser-based URL and application detection technology automatically records your customer interactions, pausing audio and screen recording when a URL or application you’ve defined is running (during the exchange of confidential financial data) and resuming after that activity has ended. APIs, Toolbars & Automated Rules pause and resume recording automatically to protect GDPR, CCPA, PII and PCI information.


Customizable Configurations

Configure recording rules based on your needs to archive and categorize large volumes of call data by type, source, and customer. With properly organized datasets, your teams have immediate access to call logs to support their needs.


Comprehensive Audit Protection

Eleveo provides detailed audit logs for every system action with simplified extracts for compliance reviews, feedback, and for identifying areas of improvement. Audits can be utilized to incentivize agents and drive operational improvements.


Eleveo’s Call Center Compliance Monitoring Solutions

Eleveo’s  solutions protect your customers' privacy and protect your business against an ever-more-stringent regulatory environment. Eleveo delivers regulatory compliance features for PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and others to help organizations avoid penalties associated with non-compliance, everything from fines to reputational damage. You'll find an extensive suite of tools that elevate the quality of service your contact center delivers.


Are you ready to see if Eleveo's call center compliance solutions can help you safeguard your business? If so, contact us for a demo.