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Call Recording Software

Call Recording Software


What is Call Recording Software?

Call recording software is an advanced solution designed to record calls in call centers. Going beyond simply capturing voice interactions, this software often integrates features like automatic call recording, call transcription, and a user-friendly interface, making it an indispensable tool for compliance and quality assurance.

Primarily, call recording software functions as a conversation intelligence platform, offering insights into customer interactions. By recording sales calls and other customer interactions, it provides a wealth of data that can be analyzed for improved customer service, training, and operational efficiency.

Why Do You Need Call Recording Software?


Compliance Assurance

Call recording is essential for meeting various regulatory requirements, ensuring that your call center adheres to laws and standards like GDPR, CCPA, or PCI DSS.

Quality Assurance and Sales Coaching

By reviewing recorded calls, supervisors can offer targeted sales coaching, improving the skills of the sales team and ensuring high-quality customer interactions.

Conversation Intelligence and Customer Insights

The software acts as a conversation intelligence platform, analyzing speech patterns, customer sentiment, and more, enabling better understanding of customer needs.

Improved Sales Engagement and Performance Monitoring

Recorded calls offer valuable insights into sales engagement techniques and effectiveness, allowing for fine-tuning of sales strategies.

Efficient Operations with Automatic Call Recording

Automatic call recording ensures that every interaction is captured without manual intervention, leading to operational efficiency.

Enhanced Training and Development

Call recordings are a rich resource for training new agents, providing real examples of customer interactions and best practices.

User-Friendly Access to Vital Information

A sophisticated user interface allows for easy access and management of call recordings, simplifying the task of monitoring and reviewing calls.


Comprehensive Record Keeping and Data Analysis

With the ability to record and transcribe calls, call recording software serves as a vital tool for maintaining detailed records and conducting thorough data analysis.


Key features for call recording software in contact centers. How can Eleveo Help.

We provides contact center decision-makers with control over their compliance regime and with the oversight capabilities necessary to manage the quality of agent/customer interactions. Key features for our call and screen recording solutions include:


Omnichannel Recording

Record your interactions across all channels, including voice, chat, text, email, radio, video, and screens. Our software consolidates and stores recordings in a single database for convenient access. Review and play back calls at any time, so you don’t miss out on vital information.


Customizable Configurations

Configure recording rules based on your needs to archive and categorize large volumes of call data by type, source, and customer. With properly organized datasets, your teams have immediate access to call logs to support their needs.


Auto Pause and Resume

Protect other party’s sensitive information and personal financial information. An auto-pause feature automatically pauses phone call and screen recordings when sensitive/protected information is being communicated.


Live Monitoring

Listen to customer interactions and evaluate agent performance in real-time.


Comprehensive Audits

We provide detailed audits for every system activity, such as log-ins, log-outs, executed searches, monitored calls, and shared documents. With this automated tracking mechanism, monitoring activity and conducting proper compliance reviews within your contact center will be easier.


Achieve Compliance and Operational Efficiency with Our Call Recording Software

Whether your goal is efficiency, compliance, or analytics we deliver out-of-the-box call recording capabilities that deliver benefits for your business, including:


Capture New Insights

Analyze interactions and identify trends and patterns to understand how your agents are performing and what your customers think and how they feel. Access to these insights ultimately fuels intelligent business decisions and customer loyalty.


Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Our features meet international data regulations. These include the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Ensure Call Quality Assurance

Strengthen your QA efforts by monitoring every interaction to identify gaps and problems in your operations. Drive intelligent and data-driven decisions to ensure you provide high-quality interactions to customers at all times.


Improve Agent Training

Review calls to identify customer pain points, detect inefficiencies, and determine improvement points in your contact center processes. Bring out the best in every agent by providing quality training to maximize their performance and deliver an exceptional experience.


Monitor Key Metrics

Our software gives you access to essential call center metrics like your net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT), average call wait, repeat calls, and agent adherence to schedule. Monitoring these metrics allows you to get a full-picture view of your contact center and check whether you are on track to hitting your key performance indicators (KPIs).


Why Choose Us?

Our call recording software offers a simplified approach to providing quality customer service and running an efficient contact center. Aside from the high-tech functionalities and wide range of benefits, here are other reasons you should choose our software.

  • Agility and scalability. We're a leading choice for modern contact centers looking to deploy in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment.

  • User-friendly interface. We have designed our software to be intuitive, easy to use and understand, accelerating time-to-value for your organization.

  • 24/7 Global Support. As a company dedicated to helping contact centers, we pride ourselves in our customer service. If you ever need help or assistance, we have a support team ready to answer your queries 24/7.

Empower Your Business with Reliable Recording Software

Our call recording software allows you to achieve the best of both worlds—operational excellence and top customer service—at efficient costs. By recording interactions and calls, get a good grasp of consumer sentiment and stay compliant with international regulations. For more information on our software, contact us at +1 (615) 224-3414 or get a demo today.