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Are your customers getting closer to your brand or further away?  Our solutions provide insights into customer experience to protect your brand & move and scale with your business needs on premise or in the cloud.

Primary Benefits:

Voice of the Customer

Measure & react to how your customers feel & compare their feedback to quality scores.

Agent Engagement

Improve agent engagement with e-learning, voice of the employee surveys, and our online scheduling portal.

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics, transcription, emotion detection, and auto quality management help measure and react to customer and agent engagement. 

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Protect Your Brand & Your Business

Voice of the Customer

Accurately measure how your customers feel about your brand and your service

Protect your brand and revenue by understanding the customer experience with survey and emotion detection.

WFO Survey Set Up-1-1-1
We are NPS experts, scoring an 88 or higher for the last three years. Let us show you how!
NPS Survey Result-1
Use NPS surveys to capture, measure, and react to customer & agent sentiment with a single question. 
WFO Survey Set Up-1-1

Agent Engagement

Your agents are the lifeblood of your organization and the first point of contact with your customers.  Keeping them engaged and informed is critical.  That is where Eleveo helps to elevate encounters for your customers. 

Our software keeps your finger on the pulse of your agents with a dedicated online portal with real-time updates for schedule changes. 

Speech Analytics

Utilize the latest technologies like AI and Machine Learning to measure engagement, find trends and react to changing factors.

Our WFO software can help determine the sentiment of both the customer and the agent during voice interactions, taking the guesswork out of engagement and customer experience. 

Speech Analytics

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