Is Scheduling Your Agents Complex & Overwhelming?

Elevēo WFM – Affordable Forecasting & Scheduling for Contact Centers

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Scheduling Can Be Confusing, Rigid and Time Consuming

Elevēo WFM Software Just Works and is:



Software should elevate your work, not slow you down.



Stay in firm control of evolving staffing needs.


Be fully operational in less than a week

As close to an easy button as you can get

Our cloud based forecasting tool focuses on being easy to use with a drag and drop scheduling screen for WFM scheduling with no hosting and no complex analysis.

Contact center & back office WFM software that just works. No hosting, pay per for what you use & simple to learn. Schedules are drag and drop and show staffing and forecasting requirements on a single view. 

Our dedicated WFM experts will help create your first forecast and schedule even for the free trial period. No implementations, extra fees or long ramp-ups needed here. 

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About WFM

Agent Management Icon Agent Management


Our workforce management solution allows for simple agent management to keep you focused on better scheduling.


Agents can be assigned to specific queues for segmentation into their respective areas. 


Eleveo Schedule

Scheduling icon Scheduling


Our WFM product focuses on ease of use with a drag and drop agent scheduling screen using your historical forecast.


This simplified scheduling screen is effective for contact centers and back office teams and is easier to use than traditional WFM tools. 


The visual aspects allow for a clear view of staffing needs & and forecasted volume against your daily schedule.

Forecast icon Forecasts


Create as many workforce forecasts as you like in our lab without disrupting published schedules.


Forecasted contact volume, Average handle time, Workload requirements, Staffing requirements, and predicted service levels are represented in easy to read graphs.


Our WFM forecasting algorithm takes a configurable shrinkage percentage into consideration as part of the staffing forecast. 




contact center forecasting screen

Subscription Options

Flexible pricing models fit every need - Pay only for what you use

Annual Subscription

As Low As $6 Per Agent Per Month
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Usage Based

As Low As $0.036 Per Scheduled Hour
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Pay Nothing for 30 Days to try us out!

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About Elevēo

Elevēo was formed to provide easy to use, results oriented software & expertise for customers who don’t want features that they do not need clogging up their workflow.

Our products do only what you need to get results, are built using modern cloud native technologies and are priced based on how much you use them. Elevēo products are birthed from ZOOM International with a rich WFO history, award-winning products and reputation for service.

We believe that Workforce Management (WFM) can and should be an intuitive and easy process that contributes to employee engagement while supporting an exemplary customer experience.