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We provide global recording, data lifecycle management & regulatory features for customers in over 90 countries, covering nearly every industry with specific solutions for GDPR & PCI DSS.  Litigation expenses and internal theft can be costly without evidence to support your position as a company.  Our recordings provide peace of mind.

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Recent legislation in Europe for GDPR & in California CCPA is further pushing contact centers to manage data lifecycle to a deeper level than ever before.  Our solutions simplify data management and provide pausing of recordings to prevent the capture of sensitive information like credit card numbers for PCI / DSS

Unique types of media or data often require special handling or data lifecycle rules for periods of storage.  Our solution provides flexibility for meeting both regulatory and internal policy rules for data lifecycle management.

Handling of personally identifiable information, credit card numbers, & other sensitive data is critical for avoiding fines, theft, and negative brand reputation. We provide comprehensive solutions to prevent the recording of sensitive data into our solutions.  

Workforce Optimization

Your customers & agents need information now, and will not stay engaged without focused effort and strategy including support for remote workers. Our solutions are designed to allow focus on what matters most, in near real-time. 


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Keeping agents engaged and trained is critical for contact center success. Our solutions provide unique features for agent micro training, coaching & quality reviews. 

Having the right agent with the right skills assigned to the best queue, channel & time possible is no simple task.  Let our workforce management solution take the guesswork out while providing the world's most user-friendly scheduling interface.

Contact centers cost money and are often asked to do more with less. Our solutions simplify in house and remote quality management, scheduling, coaching & customer experience to save time and resources. 

Revenue Protection

Your companies brand reputation depends on engaged customers and your contact center operations depend on software that scales with you. Our solutions protect your reputation and revenue by measuring customer experience and ensuring your workforce optimization software is running well.


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Nothing matters more than how your customers feel about your brand.  Our solutions help you measure their sentiment at the point of interaction, and watch for negative trends. 

Keeping tabs on everything going on in today's contact centers can be challenging at best. Our solutions provide a simplification of key trends, KPIs, and linked data points to help keep you up to date on what is really happening and why.

Predicting volume, hosting environments, pandemics, licenses, UCMs, hardware, or other needs in advance is not an exact science. Rest assured that with the eleveo platform and products you have the flexibility to scale up or down, host in any environment, and add new licensing or features without major effort. 

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Eleveo WFM cut our time to build schedules in half  - David Mayerchin - Resource P.O.S.

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About Elevēo

Elevēo was formed to provide effective, simplified solutions for complex contact center problems. 

Our products provide only features needed to elevate contact center operations & processes, are built using modern frameworks and cloud-native technologies that scale & move with your business. 

Elevēo products are birthed from ZOOM International with its rich WFO history and award-winning products, services and reputation for service. 

Eleveo ® is a registered trademark of ZOOM International