Cloud Contact Center Providers

With the right cloud contact center provider, businesses can centralize their customer communication across multiple channels in a unified manner, according to their needs. To help your business, we have compiled all the information you need to make the decision-making process easier. Keep reading this article to learn more about cloud contact center providers.

What to look for in a Cloud Contact Center Provider

Cloud-enabled automation, reliability, and responsiveness enhance the effectiveness and productivity of all call center operations.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD relays incoming calls automatically to the right employees within a company, based on performance, location, idleness, etc. By intelligently routing incoming calls to the right agent, ACD optimizes customer-agent communication and minimizes waiting times for customers.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response lets agents pick up calls instantly, anywhere, in a contact center. This virtual receptionist offers personalized greetings, language settings, and more. Cloud contact center provider solutions use AI and machine learning in their IVR engine to provide customers with quicker resolutions based on past transactions. An IVR system is improved by incorporating sentiment analysis rather than a robot-like interface,offering a more personalized and enhanced experience for the customer.

Skill-based Routing

A skill-based routing system is required so that callers reach the right agent rather than being routed through a complex phone tree. Using intelligent call routing, agents can handle multiple call types that match their skill set and direct the call to the next qualified agent without delay. This allows cloud contact centers to reduce call handling time, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

In-app Support

Wouldn't it be nice if people could get help quickly through an app or website? A good customer experience starts with in-app customer support, and it can go a long way towards breaking down customer service silos. Customer retention is boosted by providing quality service just a click away.


Chatbots are increasingly being used in contact centers to resolve routine support issues. Customers receive support from them, saving agents' time for more complex issues. Cloud contact center providers are increasingly using AI solution-based chatbots to respond to customer requests. They also help agents gather customer details from CRM servers, which leads to shorter handle times and increased customer satisfaction.

How to Choose the Ideal Cloud Contact Center Provider

While there is no such thing as the perfect contact center provider, some providers come close to it. Here are 5 things to consider when making your choice.

Reliability and Predictability

Contact centers can't afford to experience technical difficulties and interruptions. These issues can ruin an active campaign, no matter whether they are caused by cloud servers hosting software or network issues. Be sure that your cloud contact center provider has redundancies for both servers and telecommunication networks so that if the main infrastructure goes down, there is always a backup.


Having confidence is key! To choose the right contact center solution, you'll need to ensure software reliability and resiliency. Carry out a demo, read up on company testimonials and reviews online before you decide. Start with a free trial for the most interesting solutions and then carefully review its effectiveness in accordance with your call center operations.

A good service provider should be visible, and you should fully trust that their support team will always be on hand to resolve any problem quickly.

Easy to Use

After you've decided to use a cloud contact center, you need to get started. An easy-to-use and quick setup solution is ideal because delays will decrease customer retention. It also needs to be flexible, so you can change it as you go. Pick a provider who offers easy solutions and great customer support. Depending on your cloud contact center provider, you might be able to port existing numbers and add local or toll-free numbers without much hassle. A knowledge base that offers assistance on how to transfer calls to another phone is also helpful.

Performance & Quality

Checking your call center provider's protocols and technology may seem logical since performance and quality depend on it. However, not every provider specializes in tailoring its technology for call centers. Many times, this is not the case. So, do your homework and choose a provider that can meet your needs.


Every year, new laws are passed and enforced for call centers. Unless you want to take care of all the legal nuts and bolts yourself, a compliant provider is essential to help guide you through regulations.


Contact center business owners often seek to reduce their prices and bottom-line expenses. Business is business. While competitive pricing is important, one shouldn't expect peak performance for too low of a cost.

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