An African power company lights up their QM process with ScoreCARD!

The company decided to centralize their contact centers and update their purely manual quality processes to incorporate modern electronic tools. After researching their options, they chose ScoreCARD as their quality management (QM) solution.



To centralize their QM process and improve efficiency using Elevēo ScoreCARD.

Primary Results
ScoreCARD gave KENYA POWER extra insights into their contact center performance through powerful reporting tools and a flexible, easy to use evaluation form template.

Secondary Benefits
Before using ScoreCARD, quality supervisors struggled to evaluate and provide coaching for 50 calls a month. Using ScoreCARD, supervisors are now able to evaluate and provide coaching for 96 calls per month comfortably. In busy periods when supervisors are on holiday, using ScoreCARD, a supervisor can evaluate and provide coaching for up to 125 calls a month.


 “Elevēo is very straightforward – [their] interface is simple and it is pretty much aligned with what other contact center solutions in the world do.”

Sarah Krystyne
Quality Supervisor


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