Quality management completed in half the time with half the infrastructure!

Using CallREC and Excel alone to manage agent call quality limited Provident’s ability to manage their team and so achieve the results that they wanted.



To significantly increase the number of evaluations processed by quality supervisors in a certain time. To achieve transparent real-time quality reporting.

Primary Results
By using Elevēo ScoreCARD, the company doubled the number of conducted evalua-tions. They now use reports to obtain data and make decisions quickly (in seconds rather than hours). Managers can monitor team leader feedback to agents and assess team leader adherence to the QM process.

Secondary Benefits
Elevēo CallREC and ScoreCARD allowed Provident to optimize its system architecture. Before the upgrade, 5 servers were required for call recording alone. Now only 3 servers are required to accommodate both quality management and call recording while serving users in 3 cities and 2 countries


 “ScoreCARD helps us to set up and run quality management quicker and more effectively.”

Michaela Růžičková
Deputy Collections and Recovery Manager


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