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Call Center Agent Scorecard

What is a Call Center Agent Scorecard?


A call center agent scorecard is a tool for tracking, evaluating, and monitoring agent performance.

A contact center agent scorecard acts as a basis for companies to improve their customer experience by identifying areas for agent improvement and providing actionable insights into agent productivity and competency.

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Why Use Contact Center Agent Scorecards?

Contact center agent scorecards measure and track the performance of your agents, which can help improve your customer service levels.


Agent performance scorecards can help you:


Identify top performers

Agents who consistently achieve high scores will likely be your best employees. The scores may identify them as future leaders within the department or company.


Spot problem areas

If there are specific metrics that consistently drag down an agent's overall score, you know there is something wrong in those areas. This is valuable information for coaching or training


Track trends over time

A well-designed scorecard will pinpoint trends so managers can see which areas are strong, which ones need improvement, and which are improving steadily over time.


How to Implement Call Center Agent Scorecards

Call center agents are usually rated by supervisors or managers on specific criteria, such as customer service, product knowledge, and efficiency in handling calls. The ratings for each criterion are then assigned different weights depending on the company’s priorities.


The scores for each criterion are added up to give an overall score for each agent. This score can be used to determine if an agent is performing to the company’s standards, needs coaching, or is eligible for a raise or promotion

The Different Types of Contact Center Agent Scorecards

You can choose from different types of call center agent scorecards depending on your company’s needs:


Performance scorecards

Evaluate the quality of customer service provided by your employees. They usually include quantitative data such as average handle time, calls handled per hour, and average on-hold time.


Customer service scorecards

Similar to performance scorecards, customer service scorecards are focused more on customer satisfaction. They often include qualitative data such as survey results and customer comments made directly in their call records or through a third-party feedback system.


Performance improvement plans

Performance improvement plans allow you to identify areas where an agent needs extra training or coaching before they're ready to handle more complex customer issues or take on more responsibility.



How Eleveo Helps Boost Call Center Performance


Eleveo’s solutions can help you track agent performance and measure customer satisfaction:


  • Track agents by name or number, view their availability, and schedule them for customer calls. You can also use this information to forecast future call volume and staffing needs.

  • Collect customer feedback through surveys about your products and services to easily identify areas for improvement or where you're doing well.

  • Keep tabs on agent activity while they're on the phone with customers by monitoring their calls live or after the fact with recordings of past calls.



To learn more about creating a call center agent scorecard for your business, contact Eleveo’s sales team today!


These are four indicators that your company could benefit from contact center agency scorecards:

  • You're experiencing high turnover rates among your staff;
  • You want to see how well your teams are performing overall;
  • You want to reduce the time it takes for customers to get through;
  • Customers are dissatisfied.

Call center scorecards can track a variety of metrics depending on what matters most to your business.

These are examples of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be measured:

  • Mean time to answer (MTAT)
  • Median time to answer (MTAT);
  • Calls per hour (CPH);
  • Average handle time (AHT);
  • Customer satisfaction scores.

A useful scorecard will be specific enough to give you actionable information but not so detailed that the process becomes cumbersome.


The first step in creating a call center agent scorecard is determining which factors you want to measure. For example, you may want to include metrics such as average handle time, customer satisfaction ratings, the number of calls dropped per month, and other metrics to provide insight into how well each employee performs overall. Once you have determined which metrics you want to include on your scorecard, you’re ready to create it.

To learn more about creating a call center agent scorecard for your business, https://www.eleveo.com/contact  contact Eleveo’s sales team today!