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Call Center Quality Monitoring Software

What is a Call Center Quality Monitoring Software?


Call quality monitoring systems will allow you to review how agents handle customer interactions, and to measure those interactions against your key performance metrics (KPIs). Eleveo’s call center quality monitoring software will allow you to easily review the customer journey, using automated processes and speech analytics and helping you stay on top of trends as they emerge.

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Cloud Call Center Software (Cloud Contact Center Software)

If you are looking for call center software for SMB, you may need to maximize your budget dollars by investing in a solution that doesn’t require on-premise hosting. And if you’re looking for a large enterprise solution, you need to make sure your software can scale to meet growing call volume. Eleveo’s scalable design makes advanced QM, WFM and WFO functionality accessible even to small contact centers, with On-Premise or Cloud Hosted Solutions and pricing plans that are subscription or usage-based.


Call Center Key Performance Indicators (Call Center KPIs)

Contact Center Key Performance Indicators (Contact Center KPIs) are the critical performance metrics in a contact center. Typical KPIs will measure productivity and customer satisfaction, among others.


Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

A call center SaaS solution manages inbound and outbound calls, including call routing and escalation, and measurement and analytics. Contact Center SaaS operations offer scalability, flexibility and CRM capabilities for service that goes well beyond a typical Inbound Call Center. Eleveo as a Service (EaaS) reduces your contact center's complexity and minimizes service interruptions, because Eleveo hosts its user-friendly, secure and scalable solution for you.


Software Integration (Software Integrations)

Often referred to as a “unified desktop”, call center software integration combines a center’s operating systems into a single user experience for agents and managers. Eleveo’s WFO suite seamlessly integrates with major call center platforms, including Cisco, and Eleveo is the only workforce optimization software platform providing Epic System Integration.


User Experience / User Interface (UX/UI)

The user experience (UX) and User interface (UI) characteristics of an application are the end-product of the software development process, reflecting how much focus developers devote to users’ needs. Eleveo’s call center products feature intuitive, user-friendly designs that are easy to implement and require minimal training. Out-of-the-box dashboards and reports accelerate the system’s time-to-value.


Call Center Forecasting

For call centers, forecasting is the process of estimating future volume in a manner that helps managers plan for agent staffing. Multi-Channel Forecasting looks beyond simple call volume to incorporate planning for phone, chat, email, and/or text interactions. Eleveo’s WFO and WFM platforms provide contact centers with tools to accurately forecast and schedule for multi-skill agents working in multi-channel environments. Our tools help call centers optimize occupancy rates and pinpoint staffing requirements, based on historical customer-demand data.



The best call center software programs incorporate automation into their operations. Call center quality monitoring programs will generate massive reservoirs of data that are virtually useless without proper analysis. Eleveo’s systems feature automated categorization and advanced/ automated speech analytics, allowing managers to recognize trends and rapidly respond to emerging situations.


Automated Scheduling

Call Center software systems can provide automated scheduling to assist in managing regular and frequent fluctuations in call volume, optimizing agent occupancy rates for maximum contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction (CSAT). Eleveo has developed a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform, called ELIS (Eleveo Live Intelligence System), which supports our AI-Powered Auto Scheduling tool.


Workforce Management (WFM)

Call center workforce management systems enable data-driven decisions to maximize organizational agility, call routing and scheduling in response to ever-changing demand volumes. The best workforce management systems will allow managers to easily adjust forecasts and schedules, aligning agents’ skill sets with customer needs – even if agents have multiple skills and serve multiple channels.


Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Call center workforce optimization refers to the full range of contact center tools, from Workforce Management tools, like forecasting, scheduling and schedule adherence, to Quality Management and Call Recording. The goal of WFO is to maximize contact center productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction, while minimizing costs to the business.


When considering a software investment, you should begin by listing your contact center’s key performance indicators and make sure whatever solution you engage can offer adequate tools to monitor, report, respond to and impact these indicators.

Prices for contact center quality monitoring software varies widely. Cutting-edge technology features such as artificial intelligence, automations, forecasting and predictive logic, and advanced speech recognition will likely increase the cost of the system.


In addition, it is important to consider the scalability of the quality monitoring software you invest in. If you are a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you don’t want to overspend on a system designed for enterprise use. Eleveo’s solutions are designed to scale with your business, with affordable starting rates that offer advanced technical features that can grow with your operation.

Contact Center Quality Monitoring is the act of reviewing – either in real time or historically – every interaction between your agents and the customer. Eleveo’s advanced speech analytics with sentiment analysis offer actionable insights into agent/customer audio interactions to improve CSAT, efficiency, and compliance.