The Importance of a Unified UI/UX

UI/UX changes in your WFO software may be painful in the short term, but there’s a long-term...
4 minute read

Will AI Replace Call Center Agents? Yes…and No.

AI has its place, but robots can't replace humans’ role in a call center’s central mission.
4 minute read

FCA Consumer Duty Mandates are Coming.

July 2023: FCA consumer Duty will put your contact centre’s compliance and quality management...
3 minute read

What Does It Take to be a Cloud Contact Center? A Plan.

As cloud contact centers become more prevalent, methodologies for migrating from on-prem to cloud...
3 minute read

On Premises vs Cloud | Eleveo

Now more than ever, organizations are asked to do more with less; they’re looking to cut costs and...
2 minute read

Call Center Optimization

Today's contact centers are more complex and costly to operate than ever before. By automating...
2 minute read

Cloud Contact Center Providers

With the right cloud contact center provider, businesses can centralize their customer...
3 minute read

Automated Workforce Management: Call Center Management with AI | Eleveo

Automated workforce management: Changing the face of Call Center management with Automation & AI ...
2 minute read

Financial & Insurance Call Center Compliance | Eleveo

Compliance and performance in financial & insurance call centers Organizations operating in these...
3 minute read

About Elevēo

Elevēo was formed to provide easy to use, results oriented software & expertise for customers who don’t want features that they do not need clogging up their workflow.

Our products do only what you need to get results, are built using modern frameworks and cloud native technologies and are priced based on how much you use them. Elevēo products are birthed from ZOOM International with its rich WFO history and award-winning products, services and reputation for service.

We believe that Workforce Management can and should be an intuitive and easy process that contributes to employee engagement while supporting an exemplary customer experience.